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Before we start, please don’t be spooked. Be terrified instead. Just about everyone in the Crypto space has a scary experience in crypto at some moment in time. From having your tokens locked somewhere (because you made a mistake), to having sent tokens to a smart contract, doing 100X leverage when you shouldn’t have. Going all-in on one coin, having your persona be targeted by hackers, or losing your seedphrase. The crypto space can be a terrifying one. But together we can overcome, and make it a more user-friendly space…. Now is the time, to share your experience for an excellent prize.

So here is an appeal to Crypto pagans and bitcoin heretics to share your deepest, darkest crypto secrets and fails. No tricks, just one big $GT treat.
What’s your scariest crypto experience to date?
Sent crypto to a wrong address?
Coins been locked longer than you could have ever imagined?
Dog ate the paper with your private key?
ICO was a complete scam?
Bank blocked your account?
Unfortunately, we have all experienced such an event. Share your experience in writing. Over 500 USDT in prizes to be won!! The most awe-inspiring and shocking story will win 100 USDT worth of GT! Check the rules below.

1. Share your most awe-inspiring and shocking crypto horror story (in writing, proof is preferred but not obligatory)
2. Summarize the experience in one sentence in the comment under the tweet
3. Retweet
4. Tag two scaredy-cat friends
5. Use the hashtag #GTtreat

Please pay attention:

Only 3 winners, so you better have an awesome story ready
You are only allowed to participate in one language (multiple submissions will be disqualified)
Winners to be announced 04-11-2020


It will run for 9 days. From the 26th until the 3rd of November

Submit your horrendous experiences here

See you later creepy crypto peeps!


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