Coin Price 24h % Bitcoin Halving Completed and Predict Halving Price with to Win Red Packets Result&Bonus Announcement

2020-05-15 23:52:23Read:21426

Predict Halving Price with to Win Red Packets has concluded.
During the event, we saw a great number of users participating and predicting the price. #GateioPredictHalvingPrice has been tagged almost 50,000 times in three days. The afternoon before The Halving, Marie and Patrick chatted with everyone in the Livestream about The Bitcoin halving; they also distributed Red Packets during the Livestream activity.
For details on the Predict Halving Price with to Win Red Packets, please check here:

The Bitcoin blockchain experienced its third halving at GMT 19:23:43 May 11, 2020. According to the rules, the actual price would be the first on-the-hour opening price of Bitcoin on after the Halving had taken place, which was 8745.87USDT at GMT 20:00 May 11, 2020. Users would be ranked according to the absolute value of the difference between the predicted prices and the actual price. The top 100 users with the least absolute value of price difference could share a 2,000GT bonus.

We have notified winners and rewarded those who have replied. Here are some of the winners:
Some of the top 10 winners, each rewarded with 50GT


Some of the top 11-50 winners, each rewarded with 25GT


Some of the top 51-100 winners, each rewarded with 10GT


Winners who have not claimed the rewards please check your message inbox and fill out the form in time to receive your bonus.

Please note that,
1. We have calculated all tweets with the predicted Bitcoin price, @gate_io and hashtag #GateioPredictHalvingPrice on the duration of the event, and have statistics double verified. The calculation is completed in accordance with the messages received by @gate_io’s official account.
2. To ensure the activity is impartial, if a user has posted more than one tweet with different predicted prices, the latest tweet before the closing time will be considered valid.
3. According to the rules, if users’ predicted prices are the same, they will be ranked according to the time they tweet (if user A and user B predict the same price and this price is ranked the tenth closest, but user B tweeted it earlier than user A, then user B would be the 10th winner).
4. If there are any questions regarding the rules and the result, please contact our customer service.
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May 15, 2020