What is Tronscan and How Can You Use it?

BeginnerNov 22, 2023
Tronscan is a blockchain explorer that goes beyond the basics, offering wallet management, token tracking, smart contract insights, and governance participation.
What is Tronscan and How Can You Use it?

As blockchain technology keeps evolving, TRON users, developers, and enthusiasts can benefit from the features that TronScan provides for the TRON ecosystem. TronScan is more than an explorer; it is a gateway to the TRON blockchain’s inner workings.

This article will guide you in understanding what TronScan is and how to use its features, provide a step-by-step guide on getting started, and draw comparisons to other scans, such as Polygonscan.

What is TronScan?

TronScan is the official blockchain explorer for the TRON network. It offers what traditional blockchain explorers do by providing real-time access to transaction data. Users can confirm and validate transactions and view accounts, balances, blocks, nodes, and smart contracts.

Beyond offering these basic features, TronScan can also be used for wallet management (through its built-in web wallet), token creation, contract deployment, Dapps interactions, and governance participation in the form of voting.

TronScan is designed with several vital purposes and features in mind. They include transaction tracking, wallet management, token balances, governance, and smart contract insight.

Transaction Tracking

TronScan allows users to explore TRON’s transaction history in real-time. This feature enables users to monitor the flow of TRX and various TRC tokens, view transaction details, and verify transactions on the network.

Wallet Management

Another helpful feature on TronScan enables users to create and manage Tron wallets. If you need to import an existing wallet or generate a new one, the platform allows you to manage your wallet and is secure for storing your assets.

Token Balances

TronScan provides an overview of your wallet’s token balances, allowing you to see how many TRX and TRC tokens you hold. This information is crucial for managing your digital assets effectively.

Participation in Governance

Users can do more than explore TRON’s ecosystem. It also enables active participation in TRON’s governance processes. For example, you can stake your TRX and vote for Super Representatives, allowing you to participate in TRON’s decision-making processes.

Smart Contracts

TronScan gives insights into the execution of smart contracts on the Tron network. You can track smart contract transactions, view their source code, and assess the Tron Dapp ecosystem.

Although exploring TronScan is free and accessible to all, users can benefit from using all the features on the platform by creating an account.

How to Create a TronScan Account

Creating a TronScan account is easy. To create an account, navigate to the website tronscan.org. From the homepage, create an account by registering with a valid email address and password. You can also choose to create an account using your phone number. Alternatively, you may connect to a decentralized wallet like Tronlink or Ledger wallet.

Source: tronscan.org.

After creating an account, you will be sent an email prompting you to activate your account. After activating your account, you can log in to the website and explore.

Using TronScan: A Step-by-Step Guide

Accessing TronScan Wallet and Managing Wallet Assets

Tronscan allows you to manage your digital assets on the Tron blockchain. Here is a guide on creating a wallet and managing your assets using Tronscan.

  1. Click Connect to access the Tronlink wallet.

    Source: tronscan.org

  2. Choose Tronlink. You can import your wallet if you have created one before and have Tronlink installed on your Chrome extension. If you do not have it installed and have not created a wallet account before, you will be prompted to install the app extension on your browser.

    Source: tronscan.org

  3. Follow the prompt to create your wallet. You will be required to choose a username and password. Securely store your mnemonics, writing them alphabetically (you will be asked to input them to verify that you have stored them).

    Source: tronscan.org

  4. After creating your wallet, click “Connect” to connect your wallet to TronScan. If you face issues, simply reload the page and connect again. Congratulations! You have successfully created a Tronlink wallet. You can also see the tokens you own, their quantities, and their value.

    Source: tronscan.org

Token Transfers

Tronscan allows you to initiate and track token transfers. If you want to send TRX or any TRC token to another address, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your wallet to TronScan using Tronlink. In your wallet, click ‘send.’
  2. Enter the recipient’s address, the amount to send, and any additional information.
  3. Confirm the transaction, its details will be visible in the Tron network.
  4. You can also track the progress of your transactions in the ‘transaction’ section, following the guide, “checking tron blockchain transactions” in this article.

Navigating the Tronscan Dashboard

Source: tronscan.org

  1. The Homepage
    The homepage allows you to have an overview of Tronscan. From the homepage, you can, at a glance, see the price and market cap of TRX, the total number of activated accounts on TRON, the TVL (total value locked) value of assets locked in all TRON protocols, the total number of transactions recorded on TRON, the total transfer value of hot tokens on TRON. You can view all of these figures in real-time.

    Source: tronscan.org_

  2. Blockchain
    From the ‘blockchain,’ you can access nodes, blocks, accounts, contracts, transfers, and transactions.

  • Nodes
    You can see the total number of nodes and countries and regions where nodes are available, including a map that shows the graphical representation of the total number of nodes in each region. The map even identifies where you are accessing the TRON blockchain from.

  • Accounts
    From accounts, you can view the total number of accounts, TRX holders, and active accounts. When you click ‘more’ under ‘number of accounts,’ you can see the chart showing the total number of accounts with transfer records on TRON, including wallet and transfer accounts.
    Click ‘more’ on the ‘TRX holders,’ and you can see the chart that shows the trend of total accounts holding TRX on TRON. This information helps an investor access the TRON ecosystem and determine how progressive it has been, then decide whether to invest in TRX.
    You can also view top-performing accounts on the TRON ecosystem. When you click on any wallet account, you can see the total assets, including transactions and transfers. This information allows traders and investors to keep track of top-performing wallets and how they diversify their portfolios across different tokens.

    Source: tronscan.org_
  • Contracts

    Source: tronscan.org_
    Here, you can access the total number of contracts, including verified contracts. Investors may be interested in the 24h top contract section, where they can see smart contract accounts and observe the details of each.
  1. Tokens

    Source: tronscan.org
    The Tokens section allows you to access the token tracker for tokens in the TRON ecosystem, like TRX, USDT, and USDD. For example, if you click ‘TRX,’ you can see information such as the total supply, circulating supply, the official website, whitepaper, social profiles, and the trading volume of TRX.

    Source: tronscan.org

  2. Data
    The ‘data’ lets you view charts, rankings, and analytics to help you gain further insights on the TRON blockchain.

    Source: tronscan.org
    For example, under ‘charts,’ if you click on ‘protocol revenue,’ you can access details and see a chart of the revenue trend of TRON, which illustrates the value of the TRX users burned to get resources and pay for transactions.

    Source: tronscan.org

  3. Governance
    You can view super representatives and vote through the’ governance’ section, participate in TRX staking governance, and more. You can even apply to become a super representative.

    Source: tronscan.org_

  4. TRON Ecosystem
    TRON Ecosystem’ allows you to explore DeFi (such as stUSDT, SUN, APENFT) and infrastructure (such as TronLink, BTTC, and BTFS).

    Source: tronscan.org
    For example, under ‘DeFi,’ if you click ‘stUSDT,’ you will be redirected to the stusdt.io website to interact directly with the token and perform actions such as staking in Real-World Assets (RWA).

    Source: stusdt.io

  5. Developers
    Developers can use the ‘Developers’ section to access Tron’s API to customize their products, developer tools, and resources and be a part of Tron’s community.

    Source: tronscan.org_

For example, under ‘Dev Tools,’ if you click on ‘TronGrid,’ you will be redirected to the TronGrid website, where you can access the TRON and BTTC network. Here, you can use hosted API, load balanced nodes, and find reliable and scalable tools to access the blockchain.

Checking Tron Blockchain Transactions

Suppose you want to search for transaction details of a wallet address. Copy the wallet address and navigate to the tronscan.org website. You can choose to log in. However, you can search for transaction details without logging in.

Source: tronscan.org

  1. Paste the copied wallet address in the search bar to view transaction details.
  2. The figure (i.) Shows the total TRX assets the wallet holds, while figure (ii.) shows the tokens (TRX & LOVE) and balances in the wallet address.

When you scroll further, you can view the number of transactions, staked tokens, and even if the wallet address had participated in voting.

Exploring Tron Blockchain Blocks

Source: tronscan.org

  1. To access TRON blockchain blocks, click ‘blockchain’ and select ‘blocks.’
  2. You can see a brief overview of stats like the total number of blocks, the number of the latest blocks built, total block rewards, stats on burned TRX, and more.
  3. You can also click on each block to view more block details.

Staking and Voting on TronScan

One of the unique features of TronScan is the ability to stake TRX and vote for Super Representatives (SRs) to participate in Tron’s governance and earn rewards. To stake and vote:

  1. In the ‘wallet’ section, click ‘assets management’ and go to ‘ get Tron Power.’
  2. Stake your TRX to freeze them and increase your Tron Power. To do this, you must have at least 1 TRX and confirm freezing the TRX for three days.
  3. After that has been successful, under ‘governance,’ click ‘votes.’ Click on ‘view super representatives’ to choose which Super Representatives to vote for and confirm your choices. In exchange, the SRs you vote for can reward you for your votes with Tron tokens. You can exchange the tokens for TRX on the TronScan DEX.

TronScan vs. PolyScan

The choice between Tronscan and Polyscan depends on your specific blockchain interests and needs. Tronscan is ideal for those engaging with the Tron blockchain, which allows them to explore Tron’s features and opportunities for governance participation. On the other hand, PolyScan is used to access the Polkadot ecosystem, providing comprehensive insights into Polkadot and its Parachains.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is Tronscan?

Tronscan provides a secure environment for managing your TRON assets and exploring the blockchain. However, as with any online platform, some security considerations include:

  • User Responsibility: Security has much to do with how users interact online. Following best practices for online security is crucial, such as using strong and unique passwords, enabling 2FA, which adds an extra layer of protection, and keeping your login credentials confidential.
  • Scams and Phishing: Be cautious of phishing websites and scams. You can protect yourself by visiting the official TronScan website, tronscan.org, and never sharing your private keys and passwords.
  • Smart Contract Security: When interacting with DApps on TronScan, review the smart contract and use only trusted and verified applications.

Can I recover a lost TronScan Wallet?

Recovering a lost Tronscan wallet can be challenging, but it is possible only if you have taken precautionary measures when you created the account. Some steps to recover your wallet include:

  • Backup recovery: If you lost your phone or computer and have created a backup for your wallet’s private key or recovery seed phrase, you can use it to restore your wallet.
  • Security details: If you have forgotten your password or PIN, you can gain access to your wallet using your private key or recovery seed phrase.

Tronscan support does not store your password or seed phrase, so it is essential to back them up somewhere else by committing them to memory, writing them down and keeping them in a safe place, or backing them up in a secure cloud network.


Tronscan offers a comprehensive range of features, from transaction tracking to wallet management, token balances, participation in governance, and insights into smart contracts. With the many use cases of TronScan, it is the responsibility of users to consider security to manage their Tron assets.

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