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    Common Questions with Deposit
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    1.Funds not arriving

    There are 3 key steps a blockchain transaction must go through: request - validation - funds arriving ① Request: if your withdrawal status on the platform you withdraw from says "completed" or "succeeded", it means the transaction has been processed by this platform and is sent to blockchain network for validation. ② Validation: It takes time for the blockchain network to validate each transaction. The funds will only be sent to the recipient platform after validation is completed. Please wait patiently. ③ Funds arriving: Only when the number of nodes validating the transaction reaches the threshold, will the funds arrive in the recipient address.


    1.There can be traffic when there are too many transactions to be processed. Traffic prolongs the waiting time for each transaction to complete. Please wait patiently when there is traffic. You can use the TXID to check the status of the transaction.

    2.When making a deposit, if it is taking a longer time than usual for the deposit to complete, or the record of the deposit is missing, you can use the "self-help acceleration" feature to accelerate the process. Please wait patiently for 5-30 minutes after submitting the acceleration request to see if it is credited.

    3.If the transaction has been validated by the network and the self-help acceleration has been deployed but the funds are still not arriving. Please provide our customer service agents with your UID, TXID of the transaction, and screenshots of the transaction on the sender platform to find out about the status of the transaction.

    2.Forgot to fill in a tag or a memo

    When withdrawing currencies like XRP and EOS, users must fill in a tag or a memo in addtion to the recipient address. If the tag or memo is blank, the currencies may be withdrawn but will probably not arrive at the recipient's address. In this case, you need to submit a ticket to Gate.io with your Gate.io ID, a correct tag or memo, TXID in text format, screenshots of the transaction on the sender plaftform. When the provided information is verified, the funds will be transferred to your Gate.io account.

    3.Wrongly deposited a coin

    If you have wrongly deposited a coin, you can submit a retrieval application to get your funds back. This feature is only available on web for the moment.
    Note: The retrieval application charges a fee of 100USDT, please make sure you have a sufficient balance in your spot account.
    (How to submit a retrieval application:https://www.gate.io/help/guide/deposit_withdrawa/26321/how-to-submit-a-retrieval-application).

    4.How to view block info

    Take the GT transaction on Etherscan as an example:

    Two ways to enter the blockchain explorer.
    1) Log in to your Gate.io account and go to "Coin List" under "More" on the top navigation bar. Input the name of the coin you want to look up in the top-right search box.

    Enter the coin info page and click "Blockchain Explorer". 2) Search the coin on the deposit page and click "Blockchain" to enter the transaction details page.

    2. Paste the TXID on the top-right search box and enter.

    3. You can view block info on the transaction details page. Click the name of the coin ("GateChainToken" in this example) to see more.

    4. The contract address is shown in the "Profile Summary" section.

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