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    How to Become A Gate.io Streamer
    Updated at:70 days 21 hours ago

    Gate.io streamer application requirements

    1.Complete KYC2.
    2.Your account has to be more than 6 months old with a VIP tier of at least 2.
    3.Fill in your WeChat or TG contact info and add our customer service agents on WeChat or TG: Gate_xiazhii, Gate_xiaoshu.
    4.Fill in your streamer nickname and upload a profile picture in the application.
    5.Your nickname, profile picture, theme and cover must be compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

    Apply to become a streamer

    Step 1: Open the Gate.io mobile app, log in to your account. Click "More" on the main page.

    Step 2: Click the "live" icon to enter the live streaming page.

    Step 3: On the live streaming main page.

    For IOS:

    For Android:

    Step 4: Read the application guide and notice. Make sure you check "I have read and understood the above contents and accept supervision from Gate.io". Finally, click "Start applying".

    Step 5: After completing all required fields, click "Submit" and wait for review. Once your application gets approved, you can start streaming on Gate.io.

    (Fill in your WeChat or TG contact info and add our customer service agent: Gate_xiazhii or Gate_xiaoshu.)

    Notice for streamers

    1、Streamers must apply for a stream at least 2 hours before the starting time of the stream.
    2、Please use civilized language and abide by local laws and regulations when streaming. Dissemination of pornographic and criminal content, and false information is strictly prohibited, along with abusive language.
    3、It is forbidden to share detailed order information and slander Gate.io projects when streaming.
    4、It is forbidden to show Weibo IDs or WeChat channels in the live streams to make users follow or subscribe.
    5、It is forbidden to show or dictate WeChat IDs, QQ numbers, QR codes, phone numbers, links, Weibo IDs, or use any text, audio, picture, video and other forms of communication to promote other crypto exchanges in the live streams. It is strictly forbidden to induce viewers to share any contact information such as WeChat IDs.
    6、Negative and passive behaviors, including but not limited to going offline for a long time, freezing the same or similar picture for a long time, and playing unauthorized recordings of live streams, are forbidden.
    7、It is forbidden to stream while driving a car, smoking or after drinking.
    8、The live broadcast needs to be carried out at the time you have applied for. If a live stream needs to be canceled or added, please contact live stream service agents in advance. WeChat or TG: Gate_xiazhii, Gate_xiaoshu.
    9、Before expressing personal opinions, streamers must state that their personal opinions do not represent the official position of Gate.io.
    10、New streamers must complete KYC2 verification before the first live stream.
    11、During live streams, if the streamer needs to demonstrate transactions or conduct market analysis, please use Gate.io (professional version) for assistance. It is forbidden to operate on other crypto exchanges when streaming.

    Anyone who violates the above regulations or is reported will be warned or receive punishments. Those ignoring the warnings will have their streamer accounts suspended. The length of the suspension is determined by the seriousness of the violation. The right to the final interpretation of this document is reserved by Gate.io.
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