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    Operating Instructions on P2P Trading
    Updated at:79 days 7 hours ago
    P2P trading is a peer-to-peer trading between users, where users place orders according to the price displayed on the website, and the system finds a matching merchant according to the price, amount, payment method, etc. Then the buyer pays the seller using the agreed-upon payment method. The seller gives the coins to the buyer after receiving the payment.

    Step-by-step Guide:
    1. Click "Buy"/"Sell" on the "Quick Trading" page. Select the currency to be traded, fill in the number of coins to buy/sell, select the payment method, and place the order.

    2. After placing the order, please check the matched merchant's payment information and make the payment within 20 minutes. Click "I have paid" after the transfer is done.

    Orders will be automatically cancelled after 20 minutes. Please do not make the payment if the order is already expired! If you haven't made the payment, you can cancel the order. But if you have cancelled the order, please don't make any payment! If you have made the payment after cancelling the order, please do not cancel the payment, otherwise, you will be responsible for the loss!

    3. If you are a seller, you can view the merchant's name and payment method in order details. When the order is matched, you will only need to wait for the buyer to pay. Having received the funds, confirm receipt on the website and release the coins to the buyer. Never click that button if you have not received the payment, in case of any possible losses.

    4. If the seller does not release the coins or you have any other questions regarding the payment, you can contact the seller in the chat box; The phone number of the counterparty will be displayed 2 minutes after the transaction is filled. If you can't contact the counterparty through the chat box, you can call him/her. (Phone calls are only used for verifying the order, not for any other purposes.)

    5. If the seller does not confirm receipt within 1 hour after you paid, you could file a complaint and provide proof of payment; if you do not receive the payment as a seller, you can file a complaint after 20 minutes, and our customer service agents will handle this as soon as the situation is verified.

    1. On the transaction page, you can view details of merchant's open orders, including the amount and quantity, or choose a merchant to trade with.
    2. The buyer and the seller must be honest. The buyer should make payment and the seller should confirm receipt in time, committing to establishing a sound, trusted trading environment.
    3. Gate.io has established a credit mechanism for both the buyer and the seller. If you are reported for not paying/confirming the receipt in time, or for making fraudulent transactions, you'll get a lower credit rating and can be restricted from making further transactions.
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