Trade DIS to win $10,000 DIS in reward

Competition Period
From Jan 23rd 10:00 UTC to Jan 30st 10:00 UTC _7 days in total_

From the top 100 traders by net buying volume, the users will be awarded the following DIS rewards:

1)The First Prize: 13.3 DIS _$1,515_
2)The Second Prize: 10 DIS _$1,140_
3)The Third Prize: 8 DIS _$910_
4_ The Fourth Prize: 5.3 DIS _$600_
5_ The Fifth Prize: 3.4 DIS _$390_
6)The remaining 95 winners will share about a 14,365 USDT _126 DIS_ equivalent - according to their net buying volume.
*Notice: the 6th to 100th place’s rewards are capped at 0.85 DIS

During the competition period, you need to buy and HODL at least 0.85 DIS and fill in this form to participate in this competition