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Gate.io Futures Video Competition: The Equivalent of 10,000 USDT Will be Airdropped

2021-06-02 06:57:12Read:4238124

Gate.io Futures Video Competition: The Equivalent of 10,000 USDT Will be Airdropped

In order to stimulate the trading enthusiasm of the users of gate.io for perpetual or delivery agreement. We are offering a rewards pool of 10,000 USDT equivalent airdrops for video makers! All rewards will be airdropped to the winners wallets! Gate.io specially launched original agreement video's competition, Participants who meet the required standard for their video content will have a chance to win rewards. Those with the best entries will have the chance to win even more rewards!
The event is expected to start today, let's look forward to it together!

Time:June 1st at 09:00 UTC to JUNE 30th at 09:00 UTC.

How to Participate?

1: Make a brand new original video, introducing Gate.io's future trading( function, features, advantages, and the trading strategies and so on)
2: Share your videos on social media channels (including Telegram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook,sec) with hashtag #Gateio future.

Note: You must include your referral link/code in either your video deion or social post. Complete this form to submit your entry. https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/466

Activity Award:

1: Any eligible video will be rewarded with a minimum of 10 USDT and up to 1000USDT based on your video views.
2: Obtained a commission rebate of up to 30% of Gate.io's Perpetual and Delivery Agreement and 40% of Spot Trading.
3: Join the Gate Union team to get regular airdropped rewards.
4: Opportunity to become a Gate.io video content creator.


Participants must agree and comply with Gate.io terms and conditions. The use of duplicate accounts and any other unethical behavior is strictly prohibited;
·Any content or actions that could bring disrepute to the Gate.io brand is strictly prohibited;
·Original videos only. Fraud and plagiarism is strictly prohibited;
·Violation of above three points will result in rewards being cancelled immediately .
·Gate.io has all rights reserved.

Gate io Team

June,2 2021

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