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As we approach’s 8th year anniversary, we will be launching a “Red Packet Bonanza” activity to celebrate this significant milestone and express our appreciation to our amazing community. A total of $200,000 worth of red packets will be distributed, for eight consecutive days. We invite all users to celebrate this important event with us!

Activity rules:
During the bonanza, daily “Wealth Code” red packets will be distributed on the exclusive countdown page. Each day, new users will have two opportunities to receive red packets while old users will have one opportunity. Limited amounts, first come, first served!

“Wealth Code” Announcement Channel:
-The exclusive countdown page for the 8th anniversary event: official Twitter account “@gate_io”

“Wealth Code” Announcement Time:
8:00 AM UTC every day from April 21, 2021 to April 28 , 2021 (8 days in total)

How to get red packets:
Enter the APP -- click "Red packets" -- input the “Wealth Code” and receive your red packet. New users can also enjoy an additional 100USDT worth of Points and $5,500 USDTEST. Click to register and participate.

1.New users can claim a maximum of 2 red packets on the day of registration; while old users can claim 1 red packet per day;
2.The time limit for grabbing a single red packet is 8 days;
3.New users need to download APP to receive the red packets. KYC is required for red packets withdrawals. reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.’s 8th year anniversary
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April 21, 2021

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