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Gate.io Blog Nike Unveils Crypto Kicks,An Ethereum-Based Metaverse Sneakers.

Nike Unveils Crypto Kicks,An Ethereum-Based Metaverse Sneakers.

11 May 18:25

Nike, an American-based sportswear designer brand, has stepped foot into the Metaverse in grand style with the introduction of their digital sneakers, Crypto Kicks. The Dunk Genesis, a collection of digital NFT sneakers created by Nike, and Rtfkt, a leading NFT creating studio acquired by Nike in 2021. The Ethereum-based sneakers showcase a variety of features like the skin-changing function through NFT assets called Skin Vials. A Technology powered by Skin Vial Tech.

The sportswear brand had kept the project under wraps until the reveal of Crypto Kicks, which confirmed that Nike had started to spread their brand into the Metaverse… Learn more in the body of the article.

Angel Nike Dunk Genesis Source: RTFKT

Following Nike's acquisition of Rtfkt studios (pronounced 'artifact') in 2021, the two have been working towards the American sportswear designer and retailer's big step into the metaverse— a virtual space where people can interact, play, shop, and socialize as they would in the physical world —.

Nike, the sneaker and sports clothing brand, has unveiled their new digital sneakers NFT. The reveal came via Rtfkt's social media, where they dropped a video highlighting the designs in the Nike Dunk Genesis collection and their features. In December 2021, Nike bought Rtfkt studios, a firm that produces digital sneakers as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) — non-interchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain that can be traded or kept. An NFT can be associated with digital files like photos, videos, or Crypto Kicks, as the case may be —. The acquisition first paid off on April 22, 2022, when Rtfkt revealed Nike's first Ethereum-based NFT sneakers In a video on Twitter.

Rtfkt said in the video that Nike Dunk Genesis is powered by DRM-OS (DRM Of Simulations) and Skin Vial Tech. Skin vials are digital Vials that allow users to change the look of the Rtfkt Nike Dunk Genesis sneakers. Nike's Crypto Kicks were made available to qualified users through Rtfkt monolith (MNLTH) Ethereum NFTs, metallic-looking floating boxes that were airdropped for free to holders of previous Rtfkt NFTs, like the Clone-X profile picture NFT and pod-X NFT. The owner can burn each MNLTH to reveal a pair of Crypto Kicks, a skin vial, and an MNLTH2 vault pass.


Nike Crypto Kicks are the future of sneakers, ' The future which is now' as Rtfkt claims. Each look can be customized, pulling from a selection of over a thousand different skins to a single pair of shoes. The name of the project is believed to highlight what may be Nike's favorite and most hyped silhouette: the Dunk Low, a sneaker that has been seen to transcend sports, culture, and style. Nike's swoosh silhouette has also received a digital makeover with metallic-looking plating that can be designed differently with every new skin.

The digital sneakers will kick off with EVO-X, a collection of eight different clone-x-inspired skins that can be upgraded and come with different powers. EVO-X-powered skin vials enable skin evolutions and allow you to choose drip upgrades for your Rtfkt Nike Dunk Genesis sneaker. Evolving a Skin will burn the previous Skin Vial. As users choose to evolve their Skin in different Evolution trees and Rarities, the EVO 1 skins will become more and more scarce.

In 2019, Nike filed for patent rights for blockchain and digital shoes; obviously, the brand was planning for Crypto Kicks, and as usual, crypto arbitrage traders are taking the opportunity to make a profit. Some owners of the Dunk Genesis Crypto Kicks have begun attempting to resell the Ethereum-based sneaker NFT on crypto marketplaces like OpenSea. According to Rtfkt, each Crypto Kick will feature an evolution path that allows them to be evolved later on. They also disclosed that the MNLTH2 vault would be unlocked this year following a series of quests.

On the studio's official Twitter page, Rtfkt gave some instructions on what should or should not be bought, and they said, "Do not buy/bid (on) an equipped sneaker. The seller is able to unequip the sneaker after putting it on sale or unequip before accepting a wETH bid. What is safe to buy/bid: sneaker without skin vial, skin vial" in order to avoid unnecessary losses from rug pulls and scams, users are advised not to buy equipped sneakers because the seller could unequip the sneakers right before they sell off to them, and by the time one receives the unequipped sneaker they would already have paid for a fully equipped NFT.

The firm even went ahead to temporarily disable the 'Equip' function from the website because scammers are trying to take advantage of how the blockchain works. Rtfkt assured users that their skins were safe and could still be viewed on the website despite the measures taken to prevent scams.

Taking a step into the Metaverse comes with new and exciting features seen in the Nike Crypto Kicks like; customizable skin, provided by skin vial tech, and the firm promises that creators and partners will soon be able to create their desired skins with the activation of the 'evolution mode.' Access to future upgrades and powers unique to each sneaker comes with each evolution from the company.

Nikeland, a micro Metaverse for the brand in the Roblox game has attracted 6.7 million people from 224 countries since its launch in November. The virtual space allows users to try on virtual products by the company in addition to playing the Roblox game. Nike Cryptokicks will be available for players to dress their avatars. Nikeland buildings and arena are modeled after the brand's physical headquarters, and engage players in games like Tag and The Floor in Lava while dressed in Nike digital sneakers and apparel.

Most NFT projects are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain thanks to the security offered and the publicly available NFT metadata. Crypto Kicks is no exception and is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and acquired with Ethereum tokens.

Although the sneaker NFTs were only airdropped in the MNLTH2 boxes, it is possible to acquire some via the OpenSea crypto marketplace, thanks to those who wish to sell theirs. The prices range around five eth and above. It is also possible to buy directly from Rtfkt on opensea, as said on their website. The sneakers, skin vials, and MNLTHs can all be purchased individually.

Other Brands Are Spreading Into The Metaverse Too.
Rest assured because Nike is not the only designer brand looking to make metaverse 'drip' as other companies such as Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana have also produced digital couture for fashion lovers to equip themselves for the virtual world we're stepping into. D&G last year sold a combined physical and NFT collection of designer wears for $6m and has now taken to collaborating with anime designers for character designer outfits.


Nike, among a list of other designer brands, is bringing fashion into the Metaverse in a grand manner. The idea that there will be designer outfits in the Metaverse makes it all the more appealing, and Rtfkt, along with our favorite sportswear brand, Nike, are a long way from disappointing or falling short of our high hopes. Nike and Rtfkt have promised us a lot more in the launch of the coming MNLTH2 and future evolutions. The future is now and has just begun to look more fashionable.

Author: Gate.io Observer M. Olatunji
* This article represents only the views of the observers and does not constitute any investment suggestions.
*Gate.io reserves all rights to this article. Reposting of the article will be permitted provided Gate.io is referenced. In all other cases, legal action will be taken due to copyright infringement.

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