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Gate.io Blog Gate.io Structured Products: Earn High Returns With A New Type of Financial Product

Gate.io Structured Products: Earn High Returns With A New Type of Financial Product

04 March 15:17

[TL; DR]

We have listed the Structured Products page on our website. There are multiple high-yield products such as the weekly shark fin, daily shark fin, and bullish shark fin available. Investors with different risk appetites can always find a suitable product that helps you gain returns in different markets.
You’re welcome to join them now!

Ⅰ. What are structured products?

Structured products are prepackaged investments that include assets linked to interest and derivatives. Compared with traditional current and term products, structured products superimpose the risks and returns of derivatives on the basis of the originally fixed income. Therefore, the yield to maturity of structured products is not fixed but generally varies with the price of the underlying assets. They can be divided into principal guaranteed and aggressive types according to the risk level.

Ⅱ. What are the risks and why are they novel?

In essence, Gate.io structured products are prepackaged investments that include assets linked to interest and derivatives. So why are they considered novel types?

First, they integrate the traditional financial products and derivatives. Thus, they have a "fixed income" feature of traditional products and the "uncertainty" characteristic of derivatives.
Second, they offer a wider range of investment opportunities. Users can select appropriate structured products by analyzing the price trend of the linked currency, and gain high yields from derivatives based on obtaining the fixed income.

Finally, they have a lower investment threshold for participants. For example, USDT structured product only requires a minimum of 1 USD to start the investment.

Risks: Since structured products incorporate the characteristics of derivatives, their returns will fluctuate with the price of the linked currency, which makes it difficult for investors to obtain the highest returns. Therefore, Gate.io will launch a price observation mechanism for structured products to help users increase the probability of obtaining high income.

Ⅲ. Why should you choose Gate.io structured products?

Comparison of Structured Products and Traditional Products

Gate.io structured products support a variety of major currencies, which are updated irregularly every day. These products support flexible interest calculation and settlement, which can surely meet the needs of multiple investors:

1. High yield: the combination of a variety of professional financial tools can help create multiple quality high-yield products for users.
2. Diversified: various time products with multiple portfolios, terms, and currencies are available.
3. Safe and reliable: professional management and risk control solutions can ensure guaranteed returns.
4. Easy to participate: only four steps including sub_script_ion - closing and interest accrual - settle at maturity - release principal and interest

Ⅳ. Exiting Gate.io Structured Products

Comparison of the Exiting Gate.io Structured Products

* According to the observation mechanism, we judge that the prices have knocked out the range if the prices are lower or higher than the minimum or the maximum prices of the range during the observation period. Otherwise, we judge that the prices haven’t knocked out the range. The price observation mechanism increases the likelihood of obtaining high returns.
* Knock out means that the prices are lower or higher than the corresponding price ranges.
Starting from the 63rd Weekly Shark Fin BTC, we will launch the Weekly Shark Fin products every Friday with a 7-day lockup period.

#1: Weekly Shark Fin

Gate.io weekly shark fin will be open for a sub_script_ion every Saturday. As a capital-protected investment, it has two return modes that are easy for investors to understand. During the observation period, if the prices do not exceed (lower or higher than) the price ranges, a higher annualized income can be obtained; if the prices exceed the price ranges, investors can still obtain a guaranteed return. The weekly shark fin is suitable for predicting markets with less volatility, as well as moderate users who prefer low risks.
Starting from the 63rd Weekly Shark Fin BTC, we will launch the Weekly Shark Fin products every Friday with a 7-day lockup period.

#2: Daily Shark Fin

Gate.io Daily Shark Fin product is a capital-protected product. It is actually the updated version of the Weekly Shark Fin product. In principle, Daily Shark Fin and Weekly Shark Fin products are the same. However, Daily Shark Fin is more flexible and richer in products than the Weekly Shark Fin product.

At present, Gate.io has launched two USDT Daily Shark Fin products on the Structured Products page. They have a 7-day lockup period and an annualized rate of 3% to 18%. In the future, Gate.io will open more Daily Shark Fin products for sub_script_ion, which support more major currencies and offer various lockup periods and annualized yields.

#3: Bullish Shark Fin

Gate.io Bullish Shark Fin Product is a capital-protected product with 3 return models. It offers users a higher chance to obtain high returns.

During a certain period of time, if the prices fall below the lower limit of the price range, users will obtain a guaranteed yield rate; if the prices rise above the upper limit of the price range, users will finally get a medium yield rate;

If the prices are always between the lower limit and the upper limit of the price range, then: the user’ final maximum yield rate ≥ the guaranteed yield rate ≤ the maximum yield rate.

Gate.io will launch more structured products such as bearish shark fins and shocking shark fins in the future. Please stay tuned!

Ⅴ. How to participate in the Structured Products?

(Steps for Web Investors only. The App version is launching soon.)

1. Log in to your Gate.io account, click "Finance" - "Structured Products" at the homepage tab and enter the structured products page.

2. In the "New Listing" section, investors can also check the product type, the annualized rate of return, terms, initial investment amount, and other information. Investors can select one product according to preference.

3. After entering the page, investors can check the participation rules and rules of return. Confirm the details and click “Place Order” to start trading.

4. Next, enter the “Confirmation Order” page. Investors have to enter the amount, tick to agree with the Structured Financial Product Purchase Agreement, and then click “OK”.

5. After completing the participation step, investors can check details at “My Investment”.

6. The interest distribution of the product will be done according to the participation rules. Investors can click "View" to check the average position and the corresponding interest.

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