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Gate.io Blog Gate Ventures Attended 6th Business and Philanthropy Forum In Singapore

Gate Ventures Attended 6th Business and Philanthropy Forum In Singapore

23 November 18:54

Gate Ventures, Gate.io's VC arm, is happy to announce its participation in the 6th Business and Philanthropy Forum scheduled between the 21st and 23rd of November, 2022, at Shangri-La Singapore. The 6th BP Forum gathers single-family offices, technology company founders, investors, wealth and asset managers, and other strategic players in the ecosystem to shape the narrative of and set the agenda for impact investment on a global scale.

Business & Philanthropy Forum is organized by Alliance for Good in collaboration with the Asia Family Office Association and a coalition of other national and international partners, which will host 250 by-invite-only guests in person. The event will explore insights on the best practices in strategic philanthropy, family business succession, and legacy, and social innovation in the post-Covid world, particularly those driven by the rapid digitalization and blockchain/Web 3 technology applications. The summit will be attended by Gate Ventures Investment Director, Kevin Yang, who will conduct in-depth exchanges with key stakeholders and strategic players.

Exploring Social Innovations And The Way Forward From Web 2 to Web 3

Gate Ventures, with a mission to make the world ready for the age of Web3, has been investing in Web3 infrastructures and applications. By participating in the 6th BP Forum, Gate Ventures continues to explore possibilities powered by technologies and cross-sectoral innovations, by engaging influential stakeholders in the ecosystem to build trust and foster new relationships through value-driven topics and deep networking. Gate Ventures is bridging the Web2 investors and the Web3 space by creating high-impact synergies for global collaborations across business and philanthropy, especially in the post-Covid world.

Gate Ventures Continues to Build and Supports Web3 Innovations

"Despite the recent dramas happening in the space, institutional investors and family offices are still very excited about Web3 innovations. But investors call for professionalism and expertise. At Gate Ventures, we have foreseen the bear market at the beginning of this year. That is why we are not affected by all those dramas so far. Actually, the bear market is a good time for BUIDL. We are seeing more true innovations coming out in Asian Web3 communities. And we are ready to support such innovations at Gate Ventures." said Kevin Yang, Investment Director of Gate Ventures.

About the 6th Business and Philanthropy Forum: https://bpforum.org/

About Gate Ventures

As the venture capital arm of cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io, Gate Ventures seeks to stimulate the advancement and development of blockchain technology with a focus on decentralized infrastructure, ecosystems, and applications that will make the world ready for the age of Web3. With nearly a decade of industry experience and a network of partners, institutions, and experts, Gate Ventures helps promising teams and startups redefine social and financial interactions.

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