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Web3 Exchange

USDG Stablecoin

A stable coin with its value anchored with USD at a zero interest rate

About USDG

USDG, with its value anchored with USD, is a blockchain stablecoin managed by Gate.io. It is generated by the over-collateralization of multiple digital currencies. USDG, as part of Gate.io ecosystem, is a cross-chain asset stored on various blockchains such as GateChain and Ethereum.

Used for
asset trading
& Earn
Liquidity Mining
DeFi Liquidity
Swap Pool

How to get USDG

Mortgage market

USDG/USDT trading pair is now available on the Gate.io spot trading market, and users can exchange the two coins at a ratio close to 1:1.

Trading market

Lock USDG to Earn

Gate.io launched USDG HODL & EARN projects, generating high returns for users by allowing them to invest USDG in Defi liquidity mining projects that have been extensively verified and audited by smart contracts. The product can be found at the "HODL & EARN" section.

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Liquidity Mining

As a HODL& EARN product that generates higher estimated returns, liquidity mining works thus: investors provide liquidity to the market and receive a percentage of trading fee's as a return. At Gate.io, users will receive 100% of the trading fee as remuneration, and GT tokens as an additional bonus.

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