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Complete specified tasks Receive $100 Point and a $5,500 trial fund

Important Notices:

1. You have to actively claim Gate.io points and USDTest after completing relevant tasks. 2. Gate.io Points can be used to cover spot and contract trading fees; Gate.io points are not transferable; 3. USDTest can be used to participate in USDT special activities, it is not withdrawable, but can be aggregated. 4. USDTest will display as an account asset, but it is not included in your account value. 5. Gate.io users of VIP 11 or above cannot participate in trading volume tasks 6. Identity Verification needs to be completed before you can receive rewards. 7. We reserve the right to disqualify and punish any dishonest and cheating behavior. 8. Gate.io reserves the final right to interpret the activity. Gate.io reserves the right to adjust tasks and rewards at any time according to market conditions.
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