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Coin Price 24h % Will Support TomoChain(TOMO) Mainnet Swap

According to the TomoChain(TOMO) official announcement, the TOMO mainnet will be launched on December 14th, 2018,4 pm Singapore time. will support the TOMO mainnet swap at the ratio of 1:1. A snapshot of ERC20 TOMO will be taken on December 18th, 2 pm Singapore time. Please deposit TOMO to g...

Tags: TOMO Read: 11247 Updated: 2days6hours ago Will Airdrop GAME Token (Tron) To GTC Holders

According to the GTC official announcement, will airdrop 2 billion GTC token based on the Tron mainnet. We will airdrop to the GTC holders based on ERC-20 asset snapshot. Rules: Distribution time: 12/12 23:59 (HKT) Distribution Ratio: 1 GTC=1 GAME (based on TRON mainnet token) Noti...

Tags: GTC Read: 24016 Updated: 2days20hours ago Released IOS App (v2.2.1) has released the mobile APP for IOS (v2.2.1). Download App: Scan QR code to install: Get 30% trading fee in the affiliate program at is dedicated to pro...

Tags: Read: 36145 Updated: 4days7hours ago Will Support Ethereum Coming Constantinople Upgrade will support the Ethereum coming Constantinople upgrade/fork which is supposed to happen at block #7,080,000 on Jan 14-18, 2019. In case it generates a new valued forked chain, we will distribute the assets to all users based on the fork snapshot. Deposit ETH at:

Tags: ETH Read: 55521 Updated: 5days8hours ago

MXC(Machine Xchange Coin) Trading Competition, 3.5 Million MXC to Give Away

To celebrate MXC(Machine Xchange Coin) is listed on, we are giving away 3.5 million MXC! Trade MXC now for the rewards! 1. Retweet the Activity to Win 100,000 MXC Time: 12/07 7:00 - 12/17 7:00 (UTC) Rules: 1) Follow our twitter and Medium 2) Retweet and fill the form: http://gateio-e...

Tags: MXC Read: 45276 Updated: 6days7hours ago

MXC(Machine Xchange Coin) will be listed on

The MXC Foundation is the next generation IoT token. Using the sophisticated Machine eXchange Protocol (MXProtocol), MXC is uniquely connecting wireless IoT sensors with permissionless blockchains. Built via a lightning fast, fully functional LPWAN Data Exchange, MXC supports billions of Device Data...

Tags: MXC Read: 73982 Updated: 8days22hours ago Released Android App (v2.3.5 Beta) has released the mobile APP for Android (v2.3.5 Beta). Download App: Scan QR code to install: Update includes: 【Exchange Interface】 1. Added “Price Condition Order”. Users only need to set the trigger cond...

Tags: Read: 28429 Updated: 9days20hours ago Has Distributed “11.11” Trading Carnival Prizes

The “11.11” Trading Carnival trading prizes have been distributed. Please check the details: “11.11” Trading Carnival: Trading Fee 50% Off 3 winners from retweet campaign are awarded VIP-10 for two months: 1)******19 2)*************[email protected] 3)***********[email protected]

Tags: Read: 127327 Updated: 20days23hours ago Released IOS App (v2.2.0), Supporting Margin Trading

1. Margin Management 1) Added margin account detail to help users view current leverage details; 2) Added assets transfer function to enable users to transfer asset of margin account on APP; 3) Added assets transfer record function to help users view current transfer details; 4) Added list of bo...

Tags: Read: 68095 Updated: 22days5hours ago Will List PAX/CNXY, TUSD/CNYX and USDC/CNYX In CNYX Markets will list the PAX/CNXY, TUSD/CNYX and USDC/CNYX trading pairs in CNYX Markets. The trading will be enabled on UTC 12:00, Nov.20, 2018. Deposit of PAX, TUSD, and USDC are both enabled on now, users can deposit or withdraw PAX, TUSD and USDC anytime. The Stable Coin Conversion Symbo...

Tags: PAX,TUSD,USDC Read: 65248 Updated: 23days0hours ago

TIPS/CNYX Is Listed On

TIPS/CNYX is listed on The Stable Coin Conversion Symbol is a symbol to convert various US dollar stable coins (such as PAX, USDC, GUSD, TUSD, etc.) to the fiat currency of certain country.or users from different regions, we will launch various Stable Coin Conversion Symbol including CNY...

Tags: TIPS Read: 49402 Updated: 23days6hours ago

Bitcoin Cash SV(BCHSV) And Bitcoin Cash ABC(BCH) Withdraw Enabled On

Bitcoin Cash SV(BCHSV) and Bitcoin Cash ABC(BCH) withdraw have been enabled. Due to the instability of the blockchain network, the initial daily withdraw limitation is low. We will increase the limitation to the normal level soon. Trade BCHSV at and https:/...

Tags: BCHSV,BCH Read: 61152 Updated: 23days23hours ago Listed BCH, XRP And DOGE In CNYX Markets listed BCH/CNYX, XRP/CNYX and DOGE/CNYX trading pairs in CNYX markets. Trade BCH at: Trade XRP at: Trade DOGE at: The Stable Coin Conversion Symbol is a symbol to convert various...

Tags: BCH,XRP,DOGE Read: 47733 Updated: 24days3hours ago

Bitcoin Cash SV(BCHSV) And Bitcoin Cash ABC(BCH) Deposit Will Be Enabled On

Bitcoin Cash SV(BCHSV) and Bitcoin Cash ABC(BCH) deposit will be enabled on Nov 17, 2018 4:00AM GMT. Please take attention to the price change due to the supply change after deposit enabled. Trade BCHSV at and Get 30%...

Tags: BCHSV,BCH Read: 109776 Updated: 27days1hours ago

Bitcoin Cash SV(BCHSV) Is Listed On took all users' BCH balance snapshot on Nov. 15 16:00 GMT. We have distributed BCHSV (Bitcoin Cash SV) to all bitcoin cash holders based on the snapshot. We will use BCH ticker name for Bitcoin Cash ABC. BCHSV is listed on The trading will be enabled on Nov. 16, 2018 7:00AM GMT...

Tags: BCHSV Read: 72828 Updated: 27days5hours ago


BTC/CNYX, ETH/CNYX and EOS/CNYX markets are listed on CNYX is a stable symbol for CNY backed up by US stable cryptocurrencies including USDT, PAX, USDC etc. Referring to your friends to earn 30% commissions in the affiliate program at

Tags: BTC,ETH,EOS Read: 51402 Updated: 27days6hours ago