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    Монета Ціна 24 год %

    Оголошення Установа&VIP Двотижневий звіт Gate Learn Нове у списку Gate Charity Фінанси Діяльність Наживо Торговельна конкуренція

    Gate.io Has Added JOE on Cross Margin & Isolated Margin

    Gate.io has added JOE _JOE_ on Cross-Margin and Isolated Margin....

    Прочитайте: 125 Створіть час: 4 min ago

    Gate.io Startup:Phoenix (PHB) Sale Result & Listing Schedule

    Phoenix _PHB_Token Sale Result...

    Прочитайте: 283 Створіть час: 18 min ago

    Gate.io Copy Trading Carnival! Share A Big Prize Pool of 100,000!

    In recoganition users for their strong support for Gate.io Copy Trading, we have launched Gate.io Copy Trading Carnival! Whether you are a copier or a lead trader, you can participate! Participants only need to meet the trading volume requirements, regardless of profit or loss, can share a high dyna...

    Прочитайте: 295 Створіть час: 32 min ago

    GateLive-Crazy Friday

    GateLive-Crazy Friday...

    Прочитайте: 1187 Створіть час: 33 min ago

    Gate.io Suspends the Deposit and Withdrawal of XPLA (XPLA)

    As the XPLA token is currently undergoing node maintenance, Gate.io has suspended the deposit and withdrawal services of XPLA. But the trading is not affected for the time being. We will resume the relevant services immediately after the maintenance is completed. New announcements will be posted if...

    Прочитайте: 654 Створіть час: 1 hours 7 min ago

    $1,000 for Youtube Feedbacks

    If you have any questions, suggestions, or something you want to know about futures trading, just feel free to leave a feedback in the form, we will...

    Прочитайте: 478 Створіть час: 1 hours 27 min ago

    Gate.io Copy Trading: Rising Star Lead Traders_ Exposure Competition! #11

    In order to provide Gate.io copy trading lead traders with more and better opportunities to show themselves, we have now launched the lead traders' exposure program in Aug. 1st, 2022. In the last issue of the event, the lead traders Three Legs - Guan Yuncha and a new new old leek were selected to be...

    Прочитайте: 1853 Створіть час: 4 hours 34 min ago

    Gate.io to Delist Roseon Finance (ROSN)

    At required by the community, Gate.io will delist the Roseon Finance _ROSN_ trading market, including spot trading, grid trading and liquidity mining, on March 28, 2023...

    Прочитайте: 3911 Створіть час: 4 hours 50 min ago

    Gate.io Startup Free Offering: PIP(PIP) and Announcement of Free Distribution Rules( 720,150 PIP free of charge)

    Gate.io Startup Free Offering: PIP_PIP_ and Announcement of Free Distribution Rules_ 720,150 PIP free of charge_...

    Прочитайте: 3862 Створіть час: 4 hours 56 min ago

    Gate.io Has Added JOE (JOE) Perpetual Contract

    Gate.io has added JOE/USDT perpetual contract trading (USDT margin), supporting up to 20X leverage. Trade JOE/USDT perpetual contract at: https://www.gate.io/futures_trade/USDT/JOE_USDT You can also practice your skills at your demo account, risk free via: https://www.gate.io/testnet/futu...

    Прочитайте: 3807 Створіть час: 6 hours 45 min ago

    Web3 Users Can Participate in WCTC S4 and Get 1.1 GT Airdrop Per Person

    Web3 Users Can Participate in WCTC S4 and Get 1.1 GT Airdrop Per Person...

    Прочитайте: 27298 Створіть час: 1 days 16 hours ago

    Gate Group and Turkish Authorities Forge New Paths in Blockchain Empowerment and Education

    Gate Group and Turkish Authorities Forge New Paths in Blockchain Empowerment and Education...

    Прочитайте: 29656 Створіть час: 2 days 17 hours ago

    Connecting Virtual and Real World: NuriTopia (NBLU) Trading Competition is Live, Join and Share $12,000 NBLU Rewards!

    Gate.io is currently holding the NuriTopia (NBLU) trading competition. Join right now and share the $12,000 reward prize pool! Join Now New User: << Register >> Competition Period: 2023-03-25 08:00 AM (UTC)---2023-04-01 08:00 AM (UTC) Activity 1: Trade NBLU to Share $7,000 A...

    Прочитайте: 18575 Створіть час: 2 days 21 hours ago

    Gate.io Double Earning Monday: Stable & Up to 200% APR

    Gate.io Hodl & Earn lists a high-profitable and low-threshold product with high security every Monday, allowing all users to enjoy double the earnings and high APR! Additionally, if you_re a newly-registered user and use this product, you can get an extra APR....

    Прочитайте: 13171 Створіть час: 2 days 22 hours ago

    Trade ARB/USDT perp to Win $30,000 Bonus

    Trade ARB/USDT perp to Win $30,000 Bonus...

    Прочитайте: 17570 Створіть час: 2 days 22 hours ago

    Gate Learn Weekly Must-Read ! Canto, Mina and Stack

    Gate Learn has released twelve new articles this week!...

    Прочитайте: 12475 Створіть час: 2 days 22 hours ago

    Gate.io Structured Product Launched: Enjoy weekend & Earn up to 15% APR

    In this weekend, Gate.io listed our daily Structured Product for Daily BTC & USDT SharkFin and Daily ETH SharkFin. They are principal protected and offer users a maximum return of 15%. The sub_ion will start at 10:00 on **March 24/25/26th, 2023 _UTC_**. We welcome you all to participate!...

    Прочитайте: 10437 Створіть час: 2 days 22 hours ago

    Gate.io HODL & Earn: Flexible Staking XREATORS (ORT)

    Flexible Staking & Earn ORT is enabled on Gate.io Hodl & Earn under the flexible-term section....

    Прочитайте: 10142 Створіть час: 2 days 23 hours ago

    Gate.io Lend & Earn Special Offer: Register & Split $10,000

    To join this activity and win rewards, you need to sign up with Gate.io and use Lend & Earn products. If you lend the amount as required, you_ll have a chance to claim up to $5 in tokens. The total prize pool is $10,000....

    Прочитайте: 13180 Створіть час: 2 days 23 hours ago
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