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    Duyuru Kurum ve VIP İki Haftalık Rapor Gate Learn Yeni Listelendi Gate Charity Finans Etkinlik Canlı Ticaret Rekabeti

    Gate.io will list Arbitrum(ARB)

    Arbitrum is a technology suite designed to scale Ethereum. You can use Arbitrum chains to do all things you do on Ethereum — use Web3 apps, deploy smart contracts, etc., but your transactions will be cheaper and faster. Our flagship product — Arbitrum Rollup — is an Optimistic roll-up protocol...

    Okundu: 11648 Oluşturulma Saati: 4 hours 42 min ago

    Announcement on the Results of the First "Strategy Bot - Trading Points Competition"

    Dear Gate.io Strategy Bot users, In order to thank your long-term support for the Strategy Bot platform, we have launched the "Strategy Bot - Trading Points Competition" which started on January 16, 2023. Whether you are a signaler or a copier, both can participate! You can directly redeem the po...

    Okundu: 3137 Oluşturulma Saati: 6 hours 4 min ago

    Gate.io Copy Trading: Announcement On Rising Star Lead Traders of This Issue!

    The copy trading event "Gate.io Copy Trading: Rising Star Lead Traders' Exposure Competition!" was over! We have received a lot of registrations from excellent lead traders. We have made a careful selection and hereby announce the rising star lead traders between March 13, to March 20, 2023: Unres...

    Okundu: 5383 Oluşturulma Saati: 6 hours 27 min ago

    Gate.io Startup Prime Launches OVO NFT Platform (OVO)

    OVO NFT Platform _OVO_ is the No.1 NFT issuance platform in Japan, with more than 100,000 pieces of NFT sold and 150,000 times of transfers. OVO integrates _ious NFT features based on decentralized smart contracts to provide one-stop NFT solutions for high-quality contents. Our features include Myst...

    Okundu: 7171 Oluşturulma Saati: 8 hours 24 min ago

    Gate.io Supports Landshare (LAND) Contract Migration

    According to the Landshare _LAND_ team, Landshare _LAND_ will be migrated to the new smart contract at a ratio of 1:1....

    Okundu: 3887 Oluşturulma Saati: 8 hours 51 min ago

    Gate.io Supports GraphLinq Protocol (GLQ) Contract Migration

    According to the GraphLinq Protocol _GLQ_ team, GraphLinq Protocol _GLQ_ will be migrated to the mainnet at a ratio of 1:1. Gate.io fully supports the migration and will swap tokens for users. If your $GLQ tokens are currently on Gate.io, you don’t need to do anything in particular....

    Okundu: 3561 Oluşturulma Saati: 8 hours 59 min ago

    Gate.io HODL & Earn: Lock Sommelier (SOMM) To Earn 150% APR

    The Lock & Earn SOMM will be launched at the “Lock & Earn” of Gate.io HODL & Earn at 2023-3-20 8:00 UTC....

    Okundu: 1836 Oluşturulma Saati: 9 hours 2 min ago

    Gate.io Increased Subscription Quota for Lock & Earn ETH with Multiple Lockup Periods

    Gate.io has increased the positions for Lock & Earn ETH & Earn_lock for 60 days_. The total sub_ion quota doubles the initial amount. You_re welcome to experience them!...

    Okundu: 2138 Oluşturulma Saati: 9 hours 15 min ago

    Gate.io Supports Empire token (EMPIRE) Migration

    According to the Empire token _EMPIRE_ team, the Empire token _EMPIRE_ will be migrated to the new smart contract at a ratio of 1:1. Gate.io fully supports the migration and will swap tokens for users. If your $EMPIRE tokens are currently on Gate.io, you don’t need to do anything in particular....

    Okundu: 2960 Oluşturulma Saati: 10 hours 6 min ago

    TemDAO (TEM) Trade Yarışmasına Katılın, 10.000$ Değerinde TEM Mega Ödülünü Paylaşın!

    Gate.io şu anda TemDAO (TEM) alım satım etkinliği düzenliyor. Hemen katılın ve 10.000$ değerindeki ödül havuzunu paylaşın! ETKİNLİĞE KATIL Yeni Üye Olacaklar: << Kayıt Ol >> Etkinlik Süresi: 2023-03-20 11:00 (TSİ)---2023-03-27 11:00 (TSİ) 1. Etkinlik: TEM A...

    Okundu: 4167 Oluşturulma Saati: 11 hours 3 min ago

    Gate.io Supports Date Changing for Helium (HNT) Token Migration

    According to the Helium _HNT_ team, the migration date will be postponed from March 27 to April 18. Gate.io will close the deposit and withdrawal of Helium _HNT_ on April 14, 2023, 02:00 a.m. UTC....

    Okundu: 4437 Oluşturulma Saati: 11 hours 52 min ago

    Gate.io Completed Luffy (LUFFY) Contract Migration

    Gate.io Completed Luffy _LUFFY_ Contract Migration...

    Okundu: 6790 Oluşturulma Saati: 12 hours 9 min ago

    Gate.io Launches a Spot Block Trading Service

    Gate.io Launches a Spot Block Trading Service...

    Okundu: 2734 Oluşturulma Saati: 12 hours 16 min ago

    Gate.io Completed FEG Token Contract Migration

    According to the FEG team, the FEG token would be migrated to the new contract at a ratio of 1,000,000:1. Gate.io has now completed the token swap and users can now head over to Account Statement to view the new $FEG tokens they have received. The trading of the new $FEG will be enabled on March 21,...

    Okundu: 10864 Oluşturulma Saati: 12 hours 24 min ago

    Gate.io MBX、BS、ACS、NBT and GRV Trade Competition Reward Distributed Announcement

    Gate.io MBX、BS、ACS、NBT and GRV Trade Competition has come to a successful end! According to the criteria of this activity, we have issued rewards to users who met the conditions. Users can enter “Wallets” – “Bill” to check the reward distribution. For details and rules of the...

    Okundu: 2572 Oluşturulma Saati: 13 hours 28 min ago

    Gate.io Startup:TemDAO (TEM) Sale Result & Listing Schedule

    TemDAO _TEM_Token Sale Result...

    Okundu: 12658 Oluşturulma Saati: 1 days 7 hours ago

    Gate.io will list TemDAO(TEM)

    TemDAO is a token-based crowdfunding DAO platform for protecting and maintaining world heritage and cultural assets. Applicants can raise funds from all over the world, and in return, supporters will have an unprecedented real and digital experience....

    Okundu: 12841 Oluşturulma Saati: 1 days 7 hours ago

    Gate.io Suspends the Deposit and Withdrawal of Empire token (EMPIRE)

    As the Empire token _EMPIRE_ project is currently undergoing technical maintenance, Gate.io has suspended the deposit and withdrawal services of Empire token _EMPIRE_ as required by the project team. New announcements will be posted if there are any changes. Thank you for your understanding and supp...

    Okundu: 18613 Oluşturulma Saati: 2 days 1 hours ago

    Gate.io Startup Free Offering: OPTIMUS(OPTIMUS) and Announcement of Free Distribution Rules (137,261 OPTIMUS free of charge)

    Optimus AI, a tribute to Elon Musk and Tesla_s new robot, is a decentralised venture fund for AI projects....

    Okundu: 16622 Oluşturulma Saati: 2 days 2 hours ago

    Gate.io will list Kaspa(KAS)

    Kaspa is the fastest, open-source, decentralized & fully scalable Layer-1 in the world. The world’s first blockDAG – a digital ledger enabling parallel blocks and instant transaction confirmation – built on a robust proof-of-work engine with rapid single-second block intervals....

    Okundu: 38623 Oluşturulma Saati: 2 days 8 hours ago
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