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V2.6.7.beta for Android Released With Quantitative Trading and Grid Trading Functionalities

2020-09-16 11:13:19Read:16888 has released a new V2.6.7.beta for Android with additional functionalities of quantitative trading and grid trading built in. You can access from the quantitative strategies icon on the Market screen. You can also use grid trading functionality at spot market to create grid strategy with AI automatically or create one all by yourself.
More services and functionalities are coming soon. Please stay tuned.

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what’s new in this version

1. Quantitative trading strategy
  • Added quantitative trading strategy icon
  • Added grid trading functionality
  • Added grid trading management functionality

2 Futures
  • Added order, position and trades management functionalities to make it more easier to trade delivery futures.
  • Added candle-chart for delivery futures
  • Added depth view for delivery futures
  • Added index display for perpetual contract
  • Optimized futures leverage UI

3 Others
  • Expand the display visibility to 12 livestreams
  • Optimized the reward functionality in livestream room
  • Added switch for personal notice and fiat trading notice .

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Medium: Team
September 16, 2020

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