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2022 Popular Streamer Nomination

2022-12-05 14:39:34 UTC 30607 Read

December is approaching, and GateLive is going through another year hand in hand with our dear users. In order to reward all the new and old streamers and viewers, the "2022 Popular Streamer Nomination" campaign is coming!

The Schedule

How to participate?
-Step 1: Fill in the form below to apply for the 2022 Popular Streamer
-Step 2: Qualified Streamers will enter the user voting round
-Step 3: Top 10 will be awarded as the 2022 Popular Streamer
Streamer's Application Period: Dec,6 00:00 - Dec,8 16:00 UTC
Primary Selection Announcement:Dec,9
User Voting Period: Dec,9 - Dec,23 16:00 UTC

About Rewards (Top 10 GateLive Popular Streamers)

1. 10 Million exposure! Home page banner*3 days
2. Accurately reach the audience! GateLive page banner*up to 7 times
3. Promotion for the top 10 popular streamers on the whole platform and through multiple ways (official website, announcements, social media, communities, external cooperation channels, etc.)*once
4. New Year customized red packets*each
5. Gate.io Twitter Promotion*once
6. Gate.io Telegram Global community and channel Promotion*up to 3 times
7. Wonderful Gate.io New Year gift pack*each

Popular Streamer Nomination Progress

Step 1: Application
Fill in the form to apply and be involved in GateLive 2022 Popular Streamer Nomination
Apply Now>> 2022 Popular Streamer Nomination
Step 2: Primary Selection
GateLive team will primarily select up to 30 qualified streamers to enter the <User Voting Round>.
Selection Standard:
1.Cumulative streaming times in 2022
2.The numbers of followers on Gate.io
3.Languages(Candidates will be selected based on the different languages)
Step 3: User Voting Round
In this round, all Gate.io users are able to visit the voting page to vote for their favorite streamers.
*Voting round will start on December 9th, please pay attention to the GateLive banner.
Step 4: Live Streaming
Streamers will be ranked by both the number of votes and the total viewers of the live streaming during the activity period. The formula is as follows:
Score=Cumulative viewers*40%+Cumulative votes*60%
*As a result, more votes and more viewers will win you more scores..

Voters Prizes

Period: Dec,9 00:00 -Dec,23 16:00 UTC
1.For Voting
50 voters who participate in voting for their favorite streamer will be selected. Each will be awarded $5 equivalent of tokens.
Rewards: 50 Voters, $5 Reward Each

2.For Sharing
Participate in Post activity and share your favorite Gatelive streamers. How to get involved:
-Step1: Like the Post & follow "Posts" account
-Step2: Refer to the sentence "I think the popular streamer in 2022 is xxx (the nickname of the streamer)", and comment on the activity post
-Step3: Wait for the rewards!
*More activity details will be posted by "Posts" account, please stay tuned!
Rewards: 10 Winners, $10 Reward Each

1. On GateLive, all the rewards from the viewers are wholly distributed to our Live Streamers. GateLive won't charge a penny. Apply to be a live streamer on GateLive now! .
2. KYC2 must be completed to participate in voting. Each user can vote for multiple streamers, and can only vote once. The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account in the activity.
3. The reward period varies from 1 - 7 days. The top 1 - 3 streamers will enjoy the longest 5 -7 days promotion period, the 4 - 6 streamers enjoy 3 - 5 days, and the top 7 - 10 enjoy 1 - 3 days.
4. Rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event ends.
5. Gate.io will disqualify participants from the event once they are found cheating in the activity to preserve the interests of all participants and maintain fairness.
6. Streamers must abide by the Gate.io streaming rules. Any violation of the requirements for the live streaming room is prohibited.
7. Risk Warning: Please be sure to note that the cryptocurrency market is volatile and losses may occur in different situations, so you are strongly recommended to understand all the related information and be vigilant in your investment actions.
*Gate.io reserves all rights to the final interpretation of the activity.

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Gate.io Team
December 6th, 2022

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