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Breakthrough for the Better: Gate.io Surpasses 10 Million Global Users

2022-01-26 11:22:44 UTCRead:4769160
On the journey of innovation and leadership, Gate.io has always been at the forefront of the crypto industry. By 2022, it is fortunate that under the witness of global users, Gate.io has reached its milestone achievement: the number of global registered users has exceeded 10,000,000! Here, we would like to thank every user for their company and support. We sincerely invite you to feel the joy of this moment, and work together with Gate.io to promote the progress and take-off of the crypto world.

2022, let us breakthrough for the better.

Looking back on 2021, Gate.io celebrated its 8th birthday, launched the NFT magic box, launched the crypto venture capital fund: Gate Ventures, rose to second place in the overall ranking of all global exchanges, and was selected as the best exchange in the world by Forbes… It was also in 2021 that Gate.io’s new user registrations increased by 24 times year-on-year. Such a breakthrough achievement comes from the deep trust and strong support of Gate.io’s millions of global users.

Of course, Gate.io's achievements are much more than that. In terms of globalization, the footprint of distributed offices have been already all over the world, the pace of compliance is steadily expanding, and more than 100 companies and projects have been invested; in terms of products, the number of spot cryptocurrencies has exceeded 1,200, and the daily futures transaction volume has exceeded $7 billion dollars. The amount of quantitative copy trading funds exceeded $1.7 billion dollars, and more than 300,000 NFTs in magic boxes were minted; in terms of ecology, relying on the strong GateChain public chain, Gate.io has become the platform that supports the most public chains and the largest centralized cross-chain platform.

As an established exchange with global reputation and strength, Gate.io's journey has always kept pace with the times. In the new year, we will be committed to expanding the broader industry development heights and creating a better future together with Gate.io users around the world. We are proud to announce that the ”Finding YOU in 10 Million" event has successfully concluded and the number of registered users worldwide at Gate.io has exceeded 10 million. Thank you for having you along the way!

Themed Event: Gate.io Finding YOU in 10 Million - Win BTC + NFT + VIP Level + More Prizes
Event Time: December 6th, 2021- January 3rd, 2022 16PM (UTC)

"Gate.io Finding YOU in 10 Million - Win BTC + NFT + VIP Level + More Prizes!" The event was a huge success, which has also been well praised by new and current users. Thank you all for participating! Rewards will be successively distributed to qualifiers within a week. View the reward you received at “My Wallets”–“ My Billing Details”.
Congratulations to all the winners!

For details and rules of the activity, please visit [Gate.io Finding YOU in 10 Million - Win BTC + NFT + VIP Level + More Prizes!]
We will continue to provide you with the very best activities, so please stay tuned!

Gate.io reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity. If you have any questions, please contact us through live chat.

Social Media Activities
To thank all users who have continuously supported us and to welcome growing valued users, Gate.io will again launch a new prize activity on Social Media. Follow Gate.io official Twitter for first-hand activity news. Multiple prizes are waiting for you!
Activity Tweet Links:
Tweet #1: Five Steps to Win a Grand Prize of $10,000
Tweet #2: Celebrate the 10M Milestone & Earn Up to $2,000
Tweet #3: Help Find Gate.io Lucky Charm & Win $50 Gifts

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Gate.io Team
Jan 26, 2022

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