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Announcements Gate.io Global Recruitment: Together for a Shared Future

Gate.io Global Recruitment: Together for a Shared Future

2022-01-27 02:32:16 UTC 4935505 Read
Since the creation of Bitcoin, new technology has been created using the blockchain.Gate.io believes that through scientific, intelligent, and leading blockchain applications it can promote the world's economic, social development and improve people's lives. At Gate.io we welcome blockchain talents from all over the world to bring innovative blockchain services worldwide.

Join Gate.io Global Team

Gate.io pays attention to the collaborative development of the team and its members. In a free and open working environment, we jointly create, ute, and achieve cutting-edge
blockchain content, with unity, efficiency, professionalism, and internationalization as our labels. Browse through the information below to find a position where we can help you harness your true potential.

Gate.io is excited and looks forward to you joining our team!

Senior Software Engineer
1. Responsible for and participate in the design, development, reconstruction and optimization of background , and formulate reasonable technical architecture solutions according to business and technical planning;
2. Responsible for and participate in solving technical problems of the core trading , and continuously improve the high performance processing capacity of each under the condition of high concurrency, high availability and massive data;
3. Responsible for and participate in the architecture and research and development of common basic capability for platform-level products;
1. More than 5 years of Internet development experience, proficient in C/ GOLang, with experience in the design and development of large-scale back-end services, and in-depth understanding of Linux;
2. Have a correct and deep understanding of high concurrency and high availability architecture , experience in high concurrency service design and implementation is preferred;
Familiar with Socket communication, UDP/TCP and HTTP protocol;
3. Familiar with Docker/Kubernetes and other container s, familiar with distributed, cache, message and other mechanisms, able to reasonably apply common distributed technologies and solve practical architectural problems;
4. Professional research spirit, able to timely pay attention to and learn the latest technology in the industry.

Key Account Manager
1. Responsible for the development of major accounts or institutional accounts, including but not limited to platform cooperation, product marketing, etc.
2. Responsible for the analysis and mining of user growth data, paying attention to the growth of users and writing research reports, etc.
3. Pay attention to external competitor, communicate and cooperate with other departments to implement development plan.
1. Bachelor degree or above, Fluent in English (working language).
2. At least 1 year banking investment working experience or international finance background.
3. Experience in cooperation channels and user growth, passion for blockchain industry is preferred.

Operation Manager
1. According to the company's development goals, establish the company's operating
to assist in the formulating, and implementing the overall strategy of marketing and operation and operation management;
2. Promoting decision-making through data analysis, clarifying operating strategies and directions; improving the activity of new and old users through various operating methods
3. Familiar with the planning and implementation of new media operations and online and offline activities, and to be responsible for the results to achieve operational goals
4. Continuously optimize the operation process and efficiency around the operational business objectives, deeply understand user needs, explore growth points, integrate various internal and external resources, and coordinate internal and external teams to carry out operational work.
1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, no major limitation, more than 3 years of relevant work experience in Internet operation team management;
2. Familiar with content operation, community operation, event operation, good at user event planning and user data analysis;
3. Clear logical thinking, good at using data thinking to drive business advancement;
4. English as a working language is preferred

Data Operations
1. According to the data requirements of business departments, build a data index and a dimensional ;
2. Collect business data, establish a daily monitoring for operations and provide monitoring data reports to business departments, update them in time and monitor them for a long time;
3. Ability to deeply analyze business data through data mining, data models, etc., provide weekly/daily data analysis reports, identify problems and influencing factors, and propose solutions;
4. Being able to independently build automated dashboards and data analysis platforms is a plus.
1. More than 3 years of data analysis work experience, with background in finance, consulting, e-commerce, and Internet industries;
2. Possess good logical thinking, business understanding and communication skills, able to examine, discover and quickly solve problems from a business perspective;
3. Excellent data integration capabilities, using at least one data visualization tool (Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, etc.) ;
4. Proficiency in using SQL, Excel, Python and other data and analysis tools;
5. Have the ability to collect and organize data requirements and efficient data delivery capabilities;
6. Full-time bachelor degree or above.

Customer Service Representative(Thailand)
1. Investigating and resolving customer enquiries and complaints.
2. Advise relevant staff/departments of any specific customer requirements.
3. Ensure that all customer details are updated when necessary.
4. Working towards key performance targets, including customer service rating.
5. Other duties as assigned.
1. College diploma or higher in any fields;
2. Able to communicate in English or Chinese;
3. Experience in customer services is preferred (New graduates are welcome);
4. Highly responsible, initiative, proactive and fast learner;
5. Good communication, customer-oriented, problem solving skills.

Social media Operation Manager
Job Responsibilities:
1. Coordinated and took charge of content planning and fan operation of accounts on Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook and other social media platforms;
2. Maintain the number and relationship of fans on various social media platforms, explore potential users, and improve brand or product awareness and exposure;
3. Collected, mined and analyzed user preferences, planned various themed activities regularly, and cultivated fan stickiness;
4. Targeted analysis of new ways of social media of competitive products in the industry and various hot cases, optimization and development of new ways of operation and promotion;
5. Assist in monitoring social media operation status, collect and record relevant data, and be responsible for data analysis results;
6. Develop and cooperate with related KOL resources, and be responsible for growth strategy and effect maintenance.
Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years working experience in Internet or finance industry, English is the working language;
2. Have a deep understanding of promotion channels, understand the gameplay of mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and be enthusiastic about international network marketing and promotion;
3. Active thinking, creative, proactive, self-motivated and able to learn new things;
4. Excellent event planning ability, able to independently solve various community operation problems.

BD Manager(NFT)
Job Deion:
1. Develop and ute the partnership strategy and tactics that will support business development.
2. Coordinated internal resources for different projects, developed platform cooperation strategies, and promoted the landing of high-quality projects.
3. Help the project party to improve the planning and marketing of NFT project.
4. Actively explore the potential projects and teams of high quality in the industry, and determine the key cooperation direction of business.
1. At least 1 year working experience, experience in block chain-related project operation, NFT project experience is preferred.
2. English can be used as the main working language.
3. Have strong planning and creative ability, pay constant attention to NFT projects and keep sensitive to the latest NFT trends.
4. Strong ution and good communication skills.

SEO Expert
1. Work with development and marketing teams to ensure the best implementation of SEO。
2. Lead research and strategy (audits, competitor analyses, keyword research, content gap analyses) and present findings and recommendations confidently to senior colleagues and clients.
3. Complete recommendations for search engine optimization for content production and programming in multilingual regions, making changes to site architecture, content, links and other factors。
4. Own performance monitoring and reporting of assigned accounts: work with junior team members to set up performance monitoring dashboards and deliver monthly performance reports with insights and recommendations.
5. Continuously research and select the best tools and templates to support our SEO offering and incorporate those into existing workflows and processes.
1. Minimum Bachelor’s Degree;
2. 3+ years of experience in SEO;
3. Superior written and spoken communication skills in English and Mandarin;
4. Experience auditing websites, performing keyword research and competitor analyses;
5. Ability to work effectively under pressure to meet tight deadlines and challenging goals;
6. Strong IT literacy, including proficiency in Microsoft Office and experience with industry tools.

More recruitment positions: https://www.gate.io/en/page/careers

Please send your resume to the mailbox: [email protected] (title format: name + application direction)

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Gate.io Team
Jan 27, 2022
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