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Announcements Gate.io Launches Gate Grants Project Incubation Program

Gate.io Launches Gate Grants Project Incubation Program

2021-07-10 04:25:45 UTC 136192 Read

Gate.io has always believed that the essence of the blockchain eco lies in the highly efficient flow of assets and information. In order to comprehensively accelerate the efficient flow of assets and information and allow all people to enjoy a more equal and safer crypto transaction service, Gate.io hereby launches the "Gate Grants Project Incubation Program" to help every crypto idea and promote the longterm development of the crypto eco!

The Gate Grants Project Incubation Program will actively provide support for high-quality projects. The details are as follows:

Gate Grants Project Incubation Program Benefits:

The dedicated fund set up by Gate Grants for Gate.io is used to incubate high-quality ecological projects, using the most cutting-edge blockchain technology innovation to further improve the construction of crypto eco, and jointly promote the arrival of the Web 3.0 era based on blockchain technology .

High-quality projects will be supported with resources provided by Gate.io:

  • Capital Support: $10K-100K seed funding round to kickstart your idea based on your needs
  • Subsequent Funding:Get funds from Gate.io Labs, Gate.io Startup and industry-leading VCs
  • Interoperable Resources Dedicated marketing and HR activities provided by Gate.io's eco
  • Listing Support: Priority listing on Gate.io, getting exposure from over 6 million users
  • Technical Support: Access to our tech team, supporting you with all the things required.
  • Ecological prosperity: Strategic partnerships with over 100 projects, sharing resources and working together.

How to Participate in the Gate Grants Project Incubation Program:

The Gate Grants Project Incubation Program is open to project ideas. We not only welcome existing projects that have proven value, but also look forward to any cutting-edge innovative ideas that have not yet been realized.

Those who meet the following conditions can apply for participation:

  • The team has relatively good developing experience and strength
  • The developing technology is forward-looking and innovative
  • The project development is relatively mature and has certain ecological application scenarios that can be implemented
  • Willing to cooperate in developing the Gatechain eco and is committed to promoting the application of blockchain technology
  • All projects supported by Gate Grants must be open source projects; apply separately for special circumstances

High-quality projects are welcome to submit their applications and become participants in the "Gate Grants Project Incubation Program".

Official Website:

Gate.io reserves the final right of final interpretation for all project cooperation.

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Gate.io Team

July 10, 2021

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