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Web3 Sàn giao dịch

Hồ sơ công ty

Thành lập vào năm 2013, Gate.io đã liên tục được xếp hạng trong Top 10 sàn giao dịch. Gate.io là một nền tảng giao dịch tài sản kỹ thuật số cung cấp đầy đủ dịch vụ và có hàng triệu người dùng trên khắp thế giới.Công ty tự hào về việc cung cấp bảo mật hàng đầu trong ngành và đã được kiểm toán 100% bằng chứng về dự trữ. Gate.io hoạt động ở hầu hết các quốc gia trên thế giới và luôn cam kết tuân thủ luật pháp hiện hành tại nơi hoạt động.

Xếp hạng ngành

Gate.io đã được liệt kê nhiều lần trên bảng xếp hạng có thẩm quyền của các sàn giao dịch tiền kỹ thuật số toàn cầu

Giới thiệu sản phẩm

Tin nóng
Gate.io founded
Gate.io launches its official international version
Gate.io establishes Gate.io Research Institute
Gate.io launches Perpetual Contracts
Gate.io launches Wallet.io
Gate.io establishes office in South Korea
Gate.io Launch of Live broadcast function
Launch of GateChain testnet
Gate.io launches Wealth Management
Gate.io launches wealth management section
Gate.io launches Fixed Period Investment (Hodl)
Gate.io establishes the Rule of Law Foundation
Gate.io officially launches GateChain
Gate.io VIP Privileges Full Scale Upgrade
Release of GateChain's innovative DeFi exchange protocol HipoSwap’s white paper
GateChain announces DeFi Ecosystem development
Online grid trading function launches
Gate.io đã vượt qua bài kiểm tra độ tin cậy về khối lượng giao dịch của Coin Metrics
Gate.io Chinese brand name upgrade
Obtained CER certification, ranking first place in the safety evaluation out of 100 trading platforms worldwide
Gate.io releases BlockInfo blockchain asset tracking platform
Gate.io Posts social media function is online
Gate.io's subaccount function is online
Market maker handling fee
GT upgrades as an exchange token
launch of leveraged ETF
Gate.io promise to provide 100% collateral
Gate.io releases Startup 2.0 Upgrade
Online Passphrase Red Packet Event
GateChain Mainnet Upgrade
Gate.io NFT Magic Box Launches an “Art United Digital Artist Million Dollar Support Plan Program”Phase I pilot project
Gate Ventures will engage investment in WOO Network
Gate.io users exceeded 8 million
Gate.io NFT Box launches its first NFT works (INO)
Gate.io Global Recruitment: Step into the New World
Announcement on the safe and orderly adjustment of business and services in mainland China
GateChain mainnet v1.1.0 upgrade
Gate.io Launches Early-Stage Crypto Venture Capital Fund - Gate Ventures
The Gate.io contract bonus has officially commenced
Gate.io OpenPunks world premiere, recreating a new universe for NFTs
Gate.io ranked first place out of CoinGecko's top 10 most popular centralized exchanges in China
Gate.io's developer center (API+backtest data) function is officially launched
Gate.io Cloud Mining Products Launched
Gate.io launches compliant stablecoin portfolio
Gate.io Announcement on Supporting ETH Hard Fork Upgrade
Gate.io donates $30,000 to Turkey Mountain Fire District
Gate.io upgrades some markets to automatic market maker (AMM) mode
Gate.io assists flood-stricken areas—"Flood Prevention and Flood Fighting” Donation Campaign Launched
Gate.io will launch historical data downloads (transactions, depth, contract snapshots) quantitative backtest
Gate.io won first place in the best cryptocurrency exchange for "altcoins," selected by Coin Clarity
Gate.io donates $100,000 in materials to the disaster-stricken areas in Henan
Gate.io Launches Gate Grants Project Incubation Program
Gate.io Quantitative Trading Center is upgraded, renamed "Copy Trading"
Gate.io officially launches NFT Magic Box
Gate.io Ranked at Best Crypto Exchanges By Forbes Advisors
Mainnet GateChain chính thức hỗ trợ EVM
Gate.io ranks top 2 in the comprehensive ranking of CoinGecko for global exchanges
The launch of the Gate.io blog
Gate.io free USDT withdrawal fee
Gate.io NFT Magic Box (NFT Creation and Auction Platform) Highlighted
Gate.io's 8th Anniversary "Creating a New Era For Trading" series
Gate.io 8th Anniversary, Open Letter from CEO & Founder Han Lin
Gate.io's buyback and burn of GT in Q1 2021
Gate.io ranks No. 2 in the world in terms of return on investment for their Startups, with a maximum return of 68x
Gate.io ranks in the top 3 in Coingecko’s comprehensive worldwide ranking
Gate.io sub-account function upgrade adds management sub-account API and withdrawal whitelist
Gate.io launches Push function
Gate.io Smart Quantitative Strategy Center Launches Backtest Function
Gate.io place in the top 4 of Coingecko’s comprehensive ranking of global exchanges
Gate.io commences DeFi ecosystem and Labs incubator plan
Gate Group Officially Launches Gate Charity, Strengthening Mission of "Promoting a Balanced World"
Gate Charity Wraps Up NFT Charity Fundraiser and Christmas Gift Donations for Child Welfare Center
Gate Group Exchanged Viewpoints With Hong Kong Government Representatives On Digital Asset Industry Development
Gate US Obtained Licenses for Digital Asset Trading, Bringing World-Leading Crypto Exchange Services to the US
Gate Charity Provides Assistance to CREDA
Gate.io to Attend Taipei Blockchain Week 2022
Gate Charity's First Initiative in the Philippines: Delivering Food and Clothing to the Aeta People
Gate.io Announcement: Daily Smile Products Listed
Gate.io to Attend Bangkok World Blockchain Summit
Become a Gate Learn Campus Ambassador Today!
Gate.io Portfolio Margin Account Now Live
Gate.io Team To Attend Blockchain Expo Global 2022 in London
Gate Charity Launches Another Initiative, Delivers Food, Clothing, and School Supplies to Children's Shelter in Vietnam
Gate.io Launches Dedicated SAFU Page, Reiterating Commitment To User Asset Safety
Gate.io launches a $100 million industry liquidity support fund
Gate Charity Launches First Initiative, Donates to Turkish Animal Rights NGO HAÇİKO
Gate.io Broker Program Update, Get Up to 60% Rebate Permanently
Gate Ventures Attended 6th Business and Philanthropy Forum In Singapore
Gate.io Team Attended V20; Crypto-Specific G20 Side Event
Gate.io Team Attending ADGM Finance Week in Abu Dhabi
Gate.io Debuts GateTR at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022, Accelerating Global Expansion
Announcement of Gate.io's New Web Trading System Release
Gate.io Launches Web3 Crypto Payments Product - Gate Pay
Gate.io to Attend TOKEN2049 in London and Deliver Keynote
Gate.io Has Completed A Third-Party PoR Audit to Provide Proof of 100% Collateral
2022 WCTC S3 World Cup Trading Competition Has Started
Gate.io Signs MoU Agreement with the City of Busan to Jointly Boost Blockchain Infrastructure
Gate.io Announces Brand Mascots: Gatsby and Blocky
Gate.io Launches 0 Fees for Spot, Futures and ETF Trading
Gate.io's Major Function Update: VIP Upgrade System Has Included The Trading Volume Of Strategy Bot
Gate.io Group Launches OTC Block Trading Services Following DMCC License Acquisition in Dubai
Gate.io Group Enters Hong Kong with Compliant, Secure, and Comprehensive Custody Services
Gate.io Launches Option Trading
Gate ra mắt dịch vụ bản địa hóa đầu tiên ở Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ
Nhóm Gate đã nhận được giấy phép VFA Class 4 tại Malta
Gate.io tiến hành một cuộc kiểm tra PoR của bên thứ ba khác để cung cấp bằng chứng về tài sản thế chấp 100%
Gate.io Launches Space Travel NFT Mystery Boxes Campaign
Gate.io đánh dấu kỷ niệm 9 năm với bộ nhận diện thương hiệu mới
Nâng cấp hệ thống vốn chủ sở hữu của Gate Influencer
Gate.io tài trợ cho bộ đôi đua xe F1 / F2 Fittipaldi Brothers khi nó tăng cường sự hiện diện ở Brazil
Gate.io trở thành sàn giao dịch tiền điện tử lớn thứ hai theo khối lượng giao dịch
GateChain ra mắt GateOracle, một tính năng oracle phi tập trung mới
Gate.io to Embrace Web 3.0 Education At Blockworld Tour Andorra 2022
Tuyển dụng toàn cầu Gate.io: Cùng nhau vì một tương lai chung
Gate.io vượt qua 10 triệu người dùng toàn cầu
Gate.io Introduces Market Maker Incentive Program
Gate.io Global Futures Trading Competition
Gate.HK Officially Launches and Begins Operations in Hong Kong
Every Decade, Every Day, For Crypto. Gate.io's 10th Anniversary Celebration Officially Starts
Gate Group Attends TEAMZ Web3 Summit, Deepening Presence in the Japanese Market
Gate.io Attended NexTech Week Tokyo 2023 Spring Blockchain EXPO, Strengthening Presence in Japan
Gate Charity and World Vision Partner to Aid Earthquake Reconstruction Efforts in Turkey
Gate Charity Empowers Children in Brazil with NFT Sale Focused on Creativity
Gate.io: Prioritizing Anti-Money Laundering and KYC Standards in Cryptocurrency Trading
Gate Charity and KMU International Volunteer Club Join Hands for Beach Clean-Up and Environmental Awareness
Gate.io Hosted A Successful Career Talk on Building a Career in Blockchain in Vietnam
Gate Pay Partners with Ivendpay, Expanding Crypto Payment Options for Merchants and Customers
Gate Group Licensed as a VASP in Italy, Furthers European Expansion
Gate Pay and CityPay.io Partner to Advance Crypto Payment Adoption in Georgia and Europe
Gate Learn Offered Comprehensive Financial Literacy and Blockchain Education Program at İstanbul Ticaret University
Gate.io Committed ₺1M to Turkey Earthquake Recovery, Launches Charity NFT Collection
Gate Group to Apply for SFC Licences in Hong Kong after Securing the TCSP Licence
Gate Charity Organizes NFT Fundraiser for Children's Education in Benin, Africa
Gate.io One-Stop Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Research Platform Launched!
Gate.io Partners with TXNHUB.io to Provide Web3 E-commerce Shopping Experience to all Gate Pay Users
Gate Group to Attend The Inaugural Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023
Gate Wealth is Officially Launched!
Gate Charity Supports Underprivileged Children in Indonesia through NFT Charity Sales
Follow Gate.io Snowball: Discover New Pathways to Wealth Appreciation! A Revolutionary Structured Product Launching on Gate.io!
Gate Charity Turned Children's Art into Charity NFT Sale And Raised Over 1,000 USDT for A Japanese Children's Home
Gate Group Advocates for Blockchain Empowered Charity at World Blockchain Summit in Dubai
Gate.io Launches a Spot Block Trading Service
Gate Charity Launches New Blockchain Donation Methods, Encourages Crypto Users to Participate in Philanthropy
Gate.io Strategy Bot - Future Grid Is Optimized! With 7 Functions Upgated, Allowing Higher Margin!
Gate Group Announces Plans to Launch New Visa Debit Card in Europe
Startup Key Upgrade: Easier to Participate & More Shares to Claim
Gate.io's Major Function Update: Trading Volumes of Bot & Copy Trading Are Included in Commission Rebate Program!
Gate Learn and Korea University Partner to Launch Blockchain Courses
Gate Charity Hosts its First Taiwan Charity Event to Raise Funds for Children Nursery Center
Gate.io Urges 100% PoR and Improved Security at Blockchain Economy London Summit
Gate.io Helps Students Bridge to Blockchain Industry at Indonesia's University of Jambi
Gate.io to Connect with Local Web3 Community at BlockMountain 2023
Gate.io Committed ₺1M to Turkey Earthquake Recovery, Launches Charity NFT Collection
Gate.io Partners with Byte Top Up to Offer Cryptocurrency Users Gift Card Purchases and Direct Top Up Services
Gate Charity Donates to Animal Shelter in Brazil, Integrates Gate Pay and Gate NFT for Fundraising
Gate.io Deploys Coinfirm's AML/CFT Platform To Further Enhance its AML/CTF Standards
Gate Charity Visited Darülacaze in Turkey
Gate.io 2023 Community Ambassador Program
Gate Charity Hosted Its First Charity Event In Japan, Giving English Lessons For Children
Gate Charity Supported Coinmap on the Charity Course in Vietnam
Gate Group To Attend POW'ER 2023 Hong Kong Web3 Summit

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