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Welcome to Gate OTC

Tight spreads, Deep liquidity, Instant settlement

Free to trade cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH

Why choose Gate OTC

In order to meet the specific needs of financial institutions and high net worth individuals, Gate OTC launches block trading service, providing deep liquidity and personalized service. We communicate with major global liquidity pools to provide the most competitive quotations, while ensuring transaction privacy and security.

Gate OTC avoids the impact of large orders on the price fluctuations in the open market, and provides more professional, personalized, private and secure services for institutions or individuals with professional trading needs.

The current minimum amount for a single transaction is USD 100,000.

Our Advantages

Top security OTC trading platform - Gate.io


OTC relies on the technical team of the Gate.io main station and adopts the leading MPC technology to fully guarantee the security of assets.
Regulatory compliance OTC trading platform - Gate.io

Regulatory compliance

Gate OTC transactions rely on compliance licenses located in Dubai, UAE, and are regularly inspected by regulators and banks.
Zero fees OCT trading platform - Gate.io

Zero fees

No fees, no transaction slippage, and we interoperate with liquidity pools worldwide to provide the most competitive quotes.
Instant settlement OTC trading platform - Gate.io

Fast settlement

Our funds clearing and asset settlement can be finished within minutes after the transaction is completed, safe and efficient. Transaction data is not publicly available and is anonymous and secure.
Wide coverage of countries and regions OTC trading platform - Gate.io

Wide coverage

Our OTC services cover a wide range of countries and regions, including the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.
OTC trading platform with 24/7 professional service and support - Gate.io

Professional service

Experienced trading team provides 24/7 exclusiveservice, institutions can use the OTC API.

Contact us

Mail:[email protected]


Gate OTC operation is surpported by a proprietary trading license issued by Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that allows the principal trading of crypto-assets.

The license number is DMCC-611527.

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