World Crypto Trading Competition
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Join us to win $5,000,000
  • Futures Team Competition

  • Futures Individual Competition

  • Spot Individual Competition

$3,500,000 Prize Pool

Criteria:futures account assets are no less than $100 or spot account assets are no less than $500

The teams are ranked by the futures return and trading volume respectively, the top 30 in each category will receive great rewards.

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Star Captain Award, up to $5,000.
Number of Star MembersWithdrawable USDT Reward
50500 USDT
1001,000 USDT
2002,000 USDT
5005,000 USDT
Note: Star members refer to new futures users whose futures trading volume is no less than 10,000 USDT or existing users whose futures trading volume is no less than 50,000 USDT during the competition.
Event Descriptions
1. Before the registration ends, users who have registered for the Individual Competition (including Futures Individual Competition and Spot Individual Competition) can still register for the Futures Team Competition by forming or joining a team.2. If the number of team members is less than 5 before the registration ends, the captain can disband the team, and team members can choose to join other teams or participate in the individual competition. If the team member is still less than 5 until the registration ends, and the captain has not disbanded the team, the team will be automatically disbanded; the team members have a 24 hours window to choose teams to join;24 hours later, anyone who has not joined a team will be randomly assigned to a team.3. The users who have successfully registered will be automatically assigned to the corresponding divisions according to their identity verification. It is not allowed to participate across divisions.
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