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Announcements Dual Currency Products User Guide (On App)

Dual Currency Products User Guide (On App)

2022-09-08 10:11:04 UTC 27165 Read
Step-by-Step Tutorial on APP

1. Open your Gate.io mobile app and log into your Gate.io account. Click on "More" on the front page and find "Dual Currency Product".

2. Choose one product from "BTC Section" and "ETH Section" and you will see "BTC Investment" or "ETH Investment". Here we take "BTC Investment" as an example. Select a product from the product list and click on "Buy".

① View the product's APR, name, linked reference price, holding period, maturity date and remaining shares.
② Enter the amount of your investment.
③ A prediction of recoupment will be promptly displayed after the amount of the investment is entered.

3. Click on the top-right warehouse icon on the "Dual Currency Product" page and you can view the details of your purchases.

Gate.io reserves the final right to interpret the product.

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