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Announcements Gate.io Spot Market Maker Program in progress! Get up to $2,000,000 monthly prize pool, and up to $10,000,000 in interest-free loans

Gate.io Spot Market Maker Program in progress! Get up to $2,000,000 monthly prize pool, and up to $10,000,000 in interest-free loans

2022-07-28 06:00:48 UTC 28980 Read
Gate.io has launched the Market Maker Program, and here is how it works. Based on your 30-day spot or futures maker volume % of the 30-day total Gate.io spot or futures maker volume, we will offer you a MM tier. For more information, please contact your Account Manager, or via email [email protected], telegram contact @KA_EMEA, @KA_APAC.
To further enhance the liquidity on Gate.io Spot trading and provide a better trading experience for all users, Gate.io is now launching a Spot Market Maker Incentive Program. Qualified market-makers can enjoy special benefits such as higher maker fee rebates, a $2,000,000 monthly prize pool, and up to $10,000,000 in interest-free loan.
If your 30-day spot trading volume exceeds 20,000,000 USD on Gate.io and you have quality market making strategies, we would like to invite you to join the Program.

Spot Market Maker Program

This market maker program is available on the Gate.io spot market. Market-makers provide liquidity to a specific "list of pairs".
(1) Gate.io will regularly update the market-making pairs list.
(2) Qualified market-makers will be able to receive a MM tier, which will be updated on a regular basis to reflect participants' market-making performance.
(3) We will provide daily and monthly market-making scores and ranking reports detailing your results to help you analyze your performance.

1. The performance review calculation will take into account the following factors:
(1) Maker volumes
(2) Bid/offer spread
(3) Order duration
(4) Market-making pairs weight
(5) Qualified market-making time

2. Spot Market Maker by Quoting Ranking
From the 1st to the end of each month, Gate.io will score Market-Makers on a daily basis for their spot market-making performance on specific pairs. At the end of the month, market-makers will be ranked according to their monthly scores and the top 75% will receive an MM tier and enjoy up to 0.012% rebate on spot maker fees. The MM tier for all market-makers will be adjusted uniformly at the beginning of the next month.

Note: Users who qualified for spot or futures maker volume % assessment can also apply for this program at the same time. The system will by default calculate the best scores and respective MM tiers for the participants.

3. How to participate
Application period: July 28, 2022 - August 31, 2022
Application link:https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/1946 Or contact your Account Manager to apply
Trial period application:
(1) Users who have not met MM1 requirements, but have the last 30-day trading volumes of over 20,000,000 USD on Gate.io Spot market can apply for a trial period of 2 weeks, where the users will enjoy MM1 maker fee rebates during this period.
(2) If you are a market-maker on another exchange, you can apply for 30-day MM+1 tier and VIP+1 tier experience based on your last 30- day trading volume.

Monthly Spot Market Maker Competition

In order to provide more benefits to Gate.io spot market-makers, we are launching the Spot Market Maker Competition at the same time. Users who apply for the Spot Market Maker Program will automatically participate in the monthly Spot Market Maker Competition.

The Spot Market Maker Competition will be held once a quarter starting in July, with monthly ranking and awards.

Consistent with Spot Market Maker and by quoting ranking, we will evaluate the participants' spot market-making performance on specific pairs for scoring and will be rewarded according to the monthly score ranking as follows:

1. Reward MM tier: higher maker fee rebates
(1) The top 75% of monthly ranking will receive an MM tier which be adjusted uniformly at the beginning of the next month.
(2) Same assessment rules as the spot market maker program.
(3) Monthly spot market-making scoring rules and market-making pairs list will be sent to you at the end of last month.

2. Best Spot trading market-maker of the quarter
Gate.io will re-rank the top 25% of market-makers in the monthly market making rankings on a quarterly basis, and award the top 10 market-makers with exclusive honorary certificates and personalized trophies.

Gate.io will announce and promote the results of the quarterly spot "Top 10 Market Makers" selection.

3. $2,000,000 monthly prize pool and VIP+1 benefits
(1) The competition includes a Progress Award for each market-maker whose spot trading volume of the current month net increases by 30% compared to the 30 days before the competition (the previous month) and reaches the corresponding target trading volume below.

For example, Tom has a spot trading volume of 30,000,000USD in June, he will receive $1,000 award if his spot trading volume reaches 55,000,000USD (a net increase of more than 30%) during the July competition, and $10,000 award if he reaches 850,000,000USD.

(2) Progress Award winners will enjoy 30 days of VIP+1 benefits based on the latest matching VIP tier for the following month.

a) There is no limit on the number of Progress Awards distributed.
b) The maximum VIP+1 tier for this Progress Award is VIP15.
c) Net increase in spot trading volume for the month means that the increase in spot trading volume of users for the month exceeds the increase in the total spot trading volume of Gate.io for the same period.
d) Participation is limited to Real Name Market-Makers only.

4. Monthly interest-free loan quota
(1) Market-makers who rank in the top 10% of monthly market-making and have a net increase of 30% or more in spot trading volume for the month compared to the previous month, will receive up to $10,000,000 in interest-free loan quota.
(2) Market-makers who rank in the top 50% of monthly market-making will receive a maximum loan amount of $10,000,000.

5. Dedicated Service
Get a dedicated account manager service to respond to your needs on time.

1. Each user can continuously participate in the current quarter's monthly Market Maker Competition by applying once, and will need to re-apply for the next quarter's competition. Applicants in the current monthly competition can participate in the current month's ranking.
2. All the above rewards are not superimposed with the same benefits of other activities on the platform.
3. Gate.io reserves the right of final interpretation of this competition. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager, or via email [email protected], telegram contact @KA_EMEA, @KA_APAC

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Gate.io Team
July 28, 2022
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