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Announcements Copy Trading-Knowledge Test Event: Answer Right & Share $1000 Bonus!

Copy Trading-Knowledge Test Event: Answer Right & Share $1000 Bonus!

2022-07-06 09:44:30 UTC 1508535 Read
In order to help future trading enthusiasts to better understand and use Gate.io Copy Trading,, we have updated a series of help documents to address the most common questions. From 11:00 on July 6 to 11:00 on July 13, We invite you to participate in a copy trading quiz & practice to overcome. Answer the quiz questions right to win a share of $1000 reward pool and some exclusive gifts!.

Make sure you join Gate.io Telegram group to get access to the latest airdrops and other perks.
Copy trading Telegram grouphttps://t.me/Gateio_Copy_Trading
Event duration:July 6th 11:00 UTC - July, 13th 11:00 UTC

Let the Quiz begin: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2005/?ch=Knowledge

Event One: Go through and learn the compulsory courses of copy trading. Answer the question to unlock $300
During the event, learn the relevant documents of "copy trading", click the "participation link" below to answer relevant questions. The system will draw 100 users from all participants who answer correctly, and reward each selected user with $1-$5.
Tip: The answers to all questions in the form can be found in the "copy trading" help documents, with 3 articles in total (they are not long). Please read carefully.

Copy Trading Help Documentation:

Gate.io Copy Trading Copiers-Exclusive:https://www.gate.io/help/quants/quantitative/26922/gate.io-copy-trading-copiers-guide
Gate.io Copy Trading Traders-Exclusive:
Special Copy Trading Notes -Traders:

Event Two: Copy Trading Competition, Rank&Share $700
During the event, users must participate in copy trading (copy or lead) and meet the total investment amount of ≥ 200 USDT and the total running time ≥ 72 hours. We will select the Top 100 to share the $700 prize pool according to the ranking of "total investment amount" × "total running time", and each will be rewarded with 2-10 Points.

Start Copy Trading:https://www.gate.io/copytrading
1. Participants must fill in the form. Form submission will be verified with Gate.io backend records.
2. Users can only use one account. No sub-accounts allowed.
3. Users are allowed to participate simultaneously in event 1 and event 2.
4. Rewards will be issued in the form of points, which will be issued within 14 working days after the event ends. Winnings can be viewed in "My Finance”- “Billing Details”
5. The Points can be used to offset spot and futures fees, with 1 Point deducting $1 fee, which is non-transferable and valid for one month.
6. Risk warning: cryptocurrency trading is affected by many factors such as market fluctuations and policies. The market fluctuates greatly, and at times, it may be difficult to make accurate predictions. Please trade responsibly and make sure you understand all the implications of this activity.

Gate.io reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.

Gate.io makes wealth more accessible! Thank you for your support, and please stay tuned for other innovative products by Gate.io.

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July, 6 th, 2022
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