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Announcements Structured Products User Guide (Web Version)

Structured Products User Guide (Web Version)

2022-04-19 01:48:54 UTC 68393 Read

Step-by-step tutorial (On Web)

1. If you're a Gate.io user, log into your Gate.io account; If you're not, you can sign up with Gate.io first. After successfully logging in, click "Earn" - "Structured Products" at the homepage tab and enter the structured products page.

2. In the "Trending" section, you can view the product name, APR, investment term, start position, and other related information, and select a product as needed by clicking "Subscribe".

3. You can also scroll to "All products" and filter products by clicking "All Risk Profiles", "All Investment Terms", and "All Product Types". Then, you can view the product type, APR, investment term, and start position of the products you prefer. Choose a product and click "Subscribe" to enter the specific product page.

4. On the specific product page, you can view the participation rules and rules of return. After confirmation, you can click "Subscribe now".

5. Then, you're brought to the Confirm Order page where you need to input the investment amount, tick to agree with the Structured Financial Product Purchase Agreement, and then click “OK”.

6. After completing the confirmation step, investors can check details at “My Investment”.

7. The interest distribution of the product will be done according to the participation rules. You can click "View" to check the average position and the corresponding interest. Click "Finished" and you can view subscription records and the price changes in the investment period.

Gate.io reserves the final right to interpret the product.
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