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    Gate.io Supports FastSwap (FAST ) Token Swap

    2021-10-30 05:25:57 UTCOkundu:80612
    According to the FastSwap (FAST), FastSwap (FAST) token swap has started, the old FAST tokens will be swapped for the new tokens at the ratio of 1:125 via a swap portal. Gate.io will support the token swap and swap tokens for all users on November 18. If your FastSwap (FAST) tokens are on Gate.io, you don’t have to do anything in particular; if not, we recommend that you deposit old FAST to Gate.io for swap before Nov 18.

    The swap ratio : 1:125
    The new token contract address (BSC): 0x2322AfAaC81697E770c19a58df587d8739777536
    Gate.io Token Swap Date: November 18,2021

    On November 18, at 4:00 AM UTC, Gate.io will suspend FAST trading markets, cancel any open order and take the FAST trading markets offline.
    After token swapping, Gate.io will commence the new FAST token trading. The new token will use the token symbol FAST. If you deposit the old FAST tokens after the swap date, it will be credited to you as FAST-OLD and withdraw-able to your personal wallets.
    The trading commence time for the new FAST token will be announced after the token swap.

    FAST/USDT Market:

    Learn more:

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