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    Стартап DOGA Проект

    INITIAL' Аирдроп

    22,594 Supporter

    67,675,760 /100,000 USDT

    67,675.76% raised
    Время начала: 2022-03-21 07:00:00UTC Время окончания: 2022-03-22 07:00:00UTC

    Ends in:


    Discover DOGAMÍ! A unique play-to-earn AR mobile game supported by the Tezos blockchain, where players adopt and raise beautifully-crafted virtual NFT dogs. DOGAMÍ’s pioneering ecosystem enables users to earn the proprietary utility token $DOGA, the internal currency of the DOGAMÍ metaverse! $DOGA is used to purchase add-ons, upgrade and customize DOGAMÍ, trade items within the game, buy new dogs and interact with other players. It also serves as a governance & staking token offering its holders the ability to decide on the game’s future whilst empowering them through DeFi. Each dog has its own specific attributes that evolve in different stages and players can compete in real-time competitions and events. The better you raise your dog, the more you earn! As you train your dog from a puppy to your best friend, each action you choose earns you $DOGA. Furthermore, $DOGA is required to breed new DOGAMÍ, which can be kept or sold to new owners on secondary marketplaces. DOGAMÍ was created mid 2021 by 4 co-founders and boasts a team of 20 full-time employees - many of whom have extensive experience in game development. It was listed as one of 15 gaming startups to watch in Europe by Sifted. DOGAMÍ was early advised by The Sandbox Co-founder Sebastien Borget. The company successfully raised 6 million dollars through world-famous investors such as Ubisoft, Animoca Brands, XAnge Ventures. Their first NFT drop of 8000 dog avatars sold out in just a few hours propelling them to #1 place in terms of volume traded on major Tezos NFT platform 'Objkt'.

    Введение в проект


    Founder Bilal El Alamy
    With a degree in Science and Management, Bilal is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology. Bilal has extensive experience in building blockchain projects on Tezos: he created Equisafe, a regulated platform based on blockchain technology to simplify financial transactions. In addition, he led the technical implementation of the DEX, Smartlink. Today, he

    Требования для участников

    1. Participants should register on Gate.io and Log in
    2. After logging in, complete user
    3. Sign the Purchase Agreement on Startup before placing orders.
    4. Make sure you have enough balance of supported currency for the sale. 1 copy requires 20 USDT in balance. The assets will not be deducted.

    *Риски "HODL & Earn"

    1. Стартовый проект все еще находится на начальной стадии, факторы, включая функционирование и базовую технологию проекта, а также другие сопутствующие регулирующие действия могут привести к возникновению значительных рисков.
    2. Для понимания и оценки рисков, связанных с инвестициями в криптоактивы, нужны продвинутые технические и финансовые знания.
    3. Волатильность рынка высока, и цена токена может резко колебаться из-за технических, нормативных, маркетинговых и прочих факторов.
    4. Пользователи могут быть не в состоянии вывести все приобретенные токены из-за технических проблем проекта или Gate.io.
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