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    Relatório de notícias quinzenal


    Gate.io O relatório de notícias quinzenal apresenta recapitulações de eventos e iniciativas na Gate.io para o manter a par das notícias e atividades

    GateToken (GT) is the native token of the Gatechain mainnet. GT is used to pay the transaction gas on Gatechain mannet. GT is rewarded from PoS mining. GT is also part of Gate.io ecosystem.GT Reaches 1 Billion token supply after 10 Years. 300 million distributes to Gate.io users as reward. 200 million for development (linear release in 10 years after 12 months lock). 100 million for marketing (linear release in 10 years after 12 months lock). 200 million for ecosystem (linear release in 10 years after 12 months lock). 200 million for PoS rewards in 10 years with 2.5% average annual inflation rate.To enhance communication with our users and keep them informed on a continuous basis, we have started issuing the ‘Gate.io Bi-Weekly Report’. Find out all the updates and announcements from the 16th till the 31st of July 2020, summarized for you in this report. - GateChain’s Mainnet v1.0.3 update. Users can now build their own full node and participate in PoS mining. - Gate.io has launched Weekly HODL & Earn (7 days) products. The first rounds (BTC and ETH) were sold out in just two hours after the start of the sale, and a bonus USDT round was launched on the same day. - Gate.io has held 35 activities for GT Holders, with over 10 million USDT as rewards in the first half of 2020; - Gate.io has passed Coin Metrics’ Trusted Volume Test; - Gate.io awarded a 3-star CER certificate, the highest level a crypto exchange can attain, ranking number 1 amongst 100 exchanges by Cybersecurity Rating. - Perpetual contract trading volume reached $2,419,393,138; and crypto-crypto trading volume reached $1,381,253,002.GateChain is a public blockchain dedicated to blockchain assets safety and decentralized exchange. The new invented onchain-safety- account and customizable-time –delay-recovery feature guarantee the blockchain asset safety even after the leakage or destruction of the private keys.Gatechain has a new invented onchain-safety-account feature to protect funds from thieves and a new invented customizable-time–delay-recovery mechanism for recovering funds in destroyed private keys. Gatechain also has high speed blockchain (1 second block and instant block finality) and natively supported decentralized exchange.

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