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Web3 Exchange

Trading Integration

Support spot, margin, futures, and options API trading for 300+ digital currencies
Create/Manage API keys
Gate ecosystem

Market and Quotation Data

Get up-to-date market information, trade data, and historical quotation to inform your trading decisions.


Get real-time updates with Websocket subscription for market quotes and private perpetual futures transactions.

Historical Quotation Data

Futures market public data, including candlesticks, transaction data (Tick-level trading data), funding rates and market depth (order book).



Encapsulate API request to simplify the trading access process.


Provide Websocket subscription, disconnect and reconnect functions to quickly access the quotes and trading updates.

VIPs & Institutions

At Gate, we prioritize delivering professional services to our diverse market participants. As a VIP or institutional user, you'll benefit from advantageous fees, higher trading limits, and flexible account management capabilities, as well as tailored solutions.

Market Maker

Gate.io provides market maker the most comprehensive rebate system in the industry for spot and futures markets.

API Broker

Maximize your earnings as a Gate.io Partner Broker with high commission rates.

Exchange Broker

You can create up to 100,000 sub-accounts and set the trading fee freely.

Join the Gate.io Developer Community

Join the Gate.io Developer Community to connect with like-minded API developers, troubleshoot problems, and share your thoughts and ideas. We're here to listen!

Why Gate.io?

Strong Liquidity

Enjoy the lowest transaction costs with Gate.io's robust and deep liquidity trading avenue.

Easy to use

Effortless trading through smooth API and real-time WebSocket feeds.

High rebate

Maximize profits with Gate.io's unparalleled commission system.

Safety and security

Expert-level security, 10 years of brand trust.


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