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Gate.io Announcement on Receiving of $15 Points Bonus for Blog Invitation with One-Click

2021-07-28 06:37:11 UTC 35454

In order to help users better manage their digital assets, Gate.io recently launched a blog function. In the Gate.io blog, we can see sufficient and timely industry information, exclusive research reports, and other high-quality content to provide you with a full range of strategic support.

Do you want to know the most valuable and significant information recently? Please fill in the form and leave your email, we will push the most exciting news to you. No need to spend any energy, you just need to open the mailbox to check, you can no longer miss important exclusive messages.

Activity 1: $10 bonus for our blog subion

We will select 10 lucky users every week among the readers who subscribe to our blog and give them $10 points as giveaway rewards. Click to subscribe and get the opportunity: (click to subscribe)

Activity 2: $5 reward for recommending new users to subscribe to our blog

If you recommend new users to register and fill in the form for subion, we will also give you $5 points as rewards. Invite your friends to subscribe to the Gate.io blog! (Share this link with friends to subscribe)

Welcome to experience and collect blog functions and get the necessary secrets for investors:
Web: https://www.gate.io/en/blog/bloglist


1. To get a referral, new users must complete KYC certifications and successfully subscribe to our blog
2. KYC users will only be rewarded once, and they cannot recommend themselves
3. Rewards will be distributed to the winning user accounts within 7 working days after the end of the event, which can be viewed at “My Finance” - “Billings”.
4. Gate.io Points are valid for 15 days from the date of issue

5.The period of the first cycle for the event is from July 27th, 10:00 UTC -Aug 3rd, 10:00 UTC.From then on, new users with KYC certifications registered within the cycle time and participating in the form filling for subion will be deemed valid every seven days

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Gate.io Team

July 28, 2021

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