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Deposit 50% Fewer Assets & Become Gate.io VIPs Now

2022-09-22 03:21:21 UTC 29420
Dear Gate.io users:

Gate.io VIPs are our special customers who can enjoy a whole bunch of privileges, including but not limited to VIP special fee rate, privileges to participate in Gate.io Startup Initial Offerings for free, etc. The higher the VIP tiers, the more privileges can be enjoyed.

Now the second session of the “Deposit Assets & Become Gate.io VIPs” campaign is coming. Users can deposit 50% fewer assets than that of the standard requirement, yet get the same VIP tier respectively.

Click the button and be enrolled in the activity!

Register Now
The details are as follows:
Activity period: 03:00 AM, Sep 22 to 03:00 AM, Sep 29 (UTC)
Rules and Rewards:
Users can deposit 50% fewer assets than that of the standard requirement, yet get the same VIP tier respectively. View the form below.

Participants shall keep the discounted asset value by the end of the activity, then, receive the VIP status for 30 days respectively.

Participants are limited to deposit USDT.

1. The single deposit order with the largest value during the activity period will be used to determine which VIP tier you will get.
2. The corresponding VIP tier will be distributed within 7 working days after the end of the campaign for a 30 days period.
3. The system will allocate the VIP status based on your deposit amount per the standard requirement within 24 hours. And the VIP tier from this campaign will be distributed within 7 days by the end of the campaign.
4. KYC2 (KYC plus) is required to be valid for the rewards.
5. Any cheating behavior is prohibited. An occurrence of any dishonesty will result in the disqualification of the prizes.
6. Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall prevail;
7. Gate.io reserves all rights to the final explanation.
8. This event is not affiliated with Apple Inc.

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September 22

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