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Gate.io Blog Gate.io WCTC S2 World Cup Trading Competition Completed Successfully- All Figures Hitting New Highs

Gate.io WCTC S2 World Cup Trading Competition Completed Successfully- All Figures Hitting New Highs

22 September 10:28

Gate.io WCTC S2 World Cup Trading Competition came to an end at 23:59 UTC on Sep 15(th). Over the course of 45 days, the competition went through reservation, early bird registration, official registration and official race. Crypto futures traders from more than ten countries and regions including Korea, Japan, Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey and Russia participated the competition. More than 15,076 participants competed for the individual champion race. Let’s take a look at the exciting competition highlights!

Ⅰ. All figures hitting new highs

Figures of Gate.io WCTC S2 World Cup Trading Competition shows that the number of participants, trading volumes, numbers of countries and regions covered and heat of social media discussion on the competition and relevant topics all increase rapidly. The competition has achieved expected effects and improved brand influence.

Ⅱ. Highlights review on the competition
Now, let’s have a review on the exciting highlights during the competition. The second world cup trading competition happened to coincide with the 9(th) anniversary of Gate.io. With an upgraded brand image, Gate made major improvements on the rules of the first competition- larger prize pool, improved rules, and larger participation scales.

Ⅲ. Gate.io WCTC S3 opens at the same time with Qatar World Cup
The third Gate.io world cup trading competition is under busy preparation. The third competition features world cup, echoing the 2020 Qatar World Cup. The world’s most influential sporting festivals and crypto world’s most powerful trading event both excitingly kick off in December 2022.

Gate.io is among world's top 6 crypto asset and futures trading platforms. Gate.io boasts secure and stable system performance, abundant liquidity in all cryptos, extremely smooth trading experience and exciting events. It is highly acclaimed by crypto futures lovers.

The world cup trading competition is a crypto futures brand event held by Gate.io, so let's look forward to WCTC S3 together! More futures trading practices and events are available at Gate.io.

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