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Announcements ETH SharkFin_2022/07/07 Launched: Earn Up to 16% APY

ETH SharkFin_2022/07/07 Launched: Earn Up to 16% APY

2022-07-06 05:47:42 UTC 16637 Read
Gate.io will launch a ETH SharkFin with an annualized yield of 1.5%~16%. It will be available for subscription starting from 04:00 on July 6th to 04:00 on July 7th UTC. The total position reaches 3,000 ETH , the lock-up period is 7 days, and the price range is $1,050 - $1,180.

You're welcome to be part of the ETH SharkFin
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How does the new ETH SharkFin product generate a return on investment?
During the observation period, if the prices of the target asset stay within the per-specified price range ($1,050~$1,180), users can then earn a higher annualized income of 16%. At settlement, the closer the prices of the target asset price are to the upper limit ($1,180) of the price range, the higher the annual return.
During the observation period, if the prices of the target asset have gone beyond the price range (lower than $1,050, or higher than $1,180), the user can obtain a guaranteed return of 1.5%.

Specifications of the ETH SharkFin_2022/07/07
1. Lockup currency: Choose either ETH
2. Return: floating interest rate, ranging from 1.5%-16% APR
3. Interest currency: ETH
4. Subscription Time: July 6th 4:00 - July 7th 4:00 (UTC time)
5. Lockup period: 7 days
6. Interest calculation start time: 4:00 on July 7th, UTC time
7. Settlement Time: 4:00 on July 14th, UTC time
8. Observation price: refer to the ETH perpetual contract price on Gate.io
9. If at any time during the observation period, the price is below the per-specified price range, the product is settled on a 1.5% APR; if the price is above the per-specified price range, the product is settled on a 16% APR. If prices always stay within the price range, the return rate will be determined according to where ETH perpetual contract price falls on Gate.io at 4:00 on July 14th UTC.

Users can go to the Gate.io official website to experience a variety of new high-yield financial products. We will release new arrivals every day.
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Gate.io Team
July 6th,2022
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