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Announcements Gate.io Structured Products Launches “Weekly SharkFin BTC 7-Day No.73”, Estimated Reward of 3%-16% P.A.

Gate.io Structured Products Launches “Weekly SharkFin BTC 7-Day No.73”, Estimated Reward of 3%-16% P.A.

2022-06-16 08:19:04 UTC 15904 Read
Gate.io Structured Products will launch its 73rd weekly shark fin structured product“Weekly Shark Fin BTC 7-Day No.73” on June 16th, at 8:00 AM UTC, with an estimated return of 3%-16% P.A. The total lock-up amount is capped at 300 BTC, with a lock-up period of 7 days. The weekly shark fin product is principal protected.
View more details at https://www.gate.io/structured_financial/sharkFin/183

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How does the Weekly Shark Fin BTC Weekly product bring you a return?
If at any time during the lifetime of the shark fin product, BTC price is equal to or below $19,760, or is equal to or above $21,840 the investor will get a minimum return (3%) on their principal at maturity.
If during the entire lifetime of the shark fin product, BTC price always stays within the per-specified range ($19,760-$21,840), investors will get a return up to 16% APR. (The closer to the $21,840 level, the higher the return rate).

Specifications of Weekly Shark Fin BTC 7-Day No.73
1. Lockup currency BTC
2. Zero handling fee.
3. Return: floating interest rate, ranging from 3%-16% APR
4. Interest currency: BTC
5. Subscription Time: June 16th 8:00 - June 17th 8:00 (UTC time)
6. Lockup period: 7 days
7. Observation period: Friday 8:00 AM- next Friday 8:00 AM UTC
8. If at any time during the observation period, the price is above or below the per-specified price range, the product is settled on a 3% APR. If prices always stay within the price range, the return rate will be determined according to where the underlying asset settlement price falls on Deribit on Friday 8:00 AM UTC.
9. If the market fluctuates drastically before the observation period starts, we will adjust the price range to maximize investors’ return.

Users can go to the Gate.io official website to experience a variety of new high-yield financial products. We will release new arrivals every day.
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Gate.io Team
June 16th, 2022
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