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    Influencer Program
    Invite your friends to join Gate.io and earn great rewards!
    Enjoy $10 one new user bonus.
    Join Now
    10 USDT/new user invitation bonus
    40% spot commission
    Exclusive BD
    Gate.io peripheral bonus
    Promotion to Gate.io official agent
    Rules and Rewards
    Monthly New Users (kyc+trade)
    Monthly Trading Fee
    Corresponding Reward
    Spot Commission
    Bronze Influencer
    $5/New user
    Silver Influencer
    $7/New user
    Gold Influencer
    $10/New user
    ProgressionAgents who reach Gold Referral Officer for two consecutive months can be upgraded to Gate.io agents and get up to 60% rebate (details: https://www.gate.io/affiliate)

    Contact inquiries: For event inquiries and business cooperation, please contact: [email protected]

    Participation qualifications: This activity is restricted to those that are presently involved already in a referral agent(officer) plan. The new referral officer must complete the monthly effective new users amount and the total monthly fee at the same time before upgrading to receive the benefits.

    Reward rules: After applying to become a Gate.io Referral Officer, each valid new user you invite can get a cash reward of 5-10 USD, with no upper limit;Participating currency pairs: All trading pairs on: Gate.io USDT-margined perpetual contracts, Gate.io USDT-margined spot (except BTC/USDT spot trading pair) zero-fee trading pairs will not be counted as valid transactions, zero Fee trading pair query: https://www.gate.io/zero-trading-fees

    Reward distribution: real-time statistics and distribution of spot trading rebate, cash part statistics and distribution once a week, directly distributed to the inviter's Gate.io account.

    Cheating behavior: New users only make one transaction in the first month after registration, frequent swiping behaviors with the same transaction amount, and other trade swiping behaviors will be regarded as cheating. The award will be postponed. If the circumstances are serious, the award will be cancelled and the suggested officer status will be cancelled as well in the process.

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