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Gate. io Law Enforcement Request Guidelines

  • 1. These Law Enforcement Request Guidelines are provided to law enforcement agencies and governmental officials who wish to seek our assistance in connection with evidence collections and criminal investigations, and are not intended for private parties whether engaged in private investigations or civil litigations.

  • 2. Law enforcement requests (“Law Enforcement Request”) will be processed in accordance with our User Agreement, our Privacy Policy, any applicable laws and regulations and our internal policies, as amended from time to time. All Law Enforcement Requests made to Gate.io shall be directed to  [email protected] in English.

  • 3. When submitting a Law Enforcement Request, please ensure that the following rules have been observed:

    • (1) The Law Enforcement Request is sent from an email address with an official government domain and documentary evidence of your personal authority as a representative of your law enforcement agency to administer such request (e.g. a clear photo of your official badge or an official appointment letter showing your authority and current position within the law enforcement agency) has been enclosed to the Law Enforcement Request;

    • (2) The Law Enforcement Request is in English;

    • (3) You have explicitly stated the details of the specific actions and/or information requested including but not limited to the duration and extent of the requested actions and/or information (such as duration of the freeze);

    • (4) You have attached a stamped and/or signed court order, subpoena, warrant and/or official letter from your law enforcement agency that includes the following details:

      • Full name of your law enforcement agency and its legal authority to make such Law Enforcement Request in conjunction with courts of competent jurisdiction, with documentary evidence attached;
      • Your official contact information (email address and/or phone number);
      • A chronological overview of the alleged incident under investigation, including material facts of the case, with reference made to the following matters where possible:
      • The flow of funds including all relevant wallet address(es) and transaction hashes (“TXID”) of the chain of transactions (including the details of token type and amount for each transaction, and the relevant blockchain) documenting how the concerned transaction is traced to Gate.io, provided in word or spreadsheet format;
      • The total amount in question (in tokens and approximate value in USD), and a breakdown for our better understanding;
      • Your investigation findings to date, including but not limited to the information in relation to the alleged fraudster and the circumstances in which the alleged victim was convinced to make the relevant transaction(s) to the alleged fraudster;
      • Information in relation to the relevant Gate.io user (“Relevant User”) including but not limited to username, userID, registered phone number, registered email address, transaction hashes or address, wallet address, and other information which may help us identify the Relevant User;
      • And any other relevant information that may assist us in understanding the alleged incident.
  • 4. If the Law Enforcement Request requires a freeze or seizure of the assets of the Relevant User, we will not disclose to Relevant User that such action has been taken pursuant to the Law Enforcement Request from your law enforcement agency. However, we may seek your prior approval to disclose to the Relevant User the reason for such account freezing and/or asset seizure in certain circumstances. We will not disclose your request without your prior permission. You shall acknowledge that we may not be able to maintain the account freezing on a voluntary basis for a prolonged period without such permission.

  • 5. If such permission is granted, we may also share your official contact information with the Relevant User with your prior consent, so that they can contact you directly to assist with your investigations.

  • 6. For certain cases, we may require more information from you to ensure our compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • 7. We usually require 5 – 15 working days to conduct an internal investigation to assist with a Law Enforcement Request. Please kindly note that more time may be required if the circumstances are complicated.

  • 8. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as our consent to any Law Enforcement Request or our submission to any jurisdiction. We reserve all our rights including but not limited to our rights to pursue any and all available legal and equitable remedies and challenge jurisdiction.

  • 9. Should you have any questions or require any assistance, please direct your regulatory or enforcement related enquiries to [email protected].

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