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Gate.io Blog Make A Blind Investment During A Market Downturn? No Way! Why Not Arrange Your Assets Wisely?

Make A Blind Investment During A Market Downturn? No Way! Why Not Arrange Your Assets Wisely?

29 December 19:48
2022 has been an exceptionally difficult year for cryptocurrencies, with the enormous pressures caused by inflation and rising interest rates in the US dollar. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos all plunged heavily, and the decline broke through new lows. The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index dropped to 14 (0-24 stands for extreme fear) and it entered a crypto bear market. If Bitcoin were a boxer, it had to be the kind of tough fighter who never gives up. But in the past few weeks, it got hit hard, with industry giant FTX crashing and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in the Caribbean. Although Bitcoin has long been accustomed to various blows, it has had its hardest year to date.

As reported on December 20, 2022, the collapse effect spread and the market crashed at such a rapid pace that cryptocurrency investors raised serious questions about survival at the end of the year. After all, the NO.1 cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, always went out of a difficult situation for less than a week in the past, and its value has fallen by about three-quarters from its peak of $69,000 in November last year. Currently, the crypto market of more than 22,000 tokens and coins is less than a third of its peak ($3 trillion) in November 2021, and many of them have fallen silent, if not completely dead. Crypto asset manager Grayscale said in a report that cryptocurrency investors may have to wait another 8 months for the next bull market.

Is A Dilemma Also An Opportunity?
The extremes of things must be reversed and the worst times in the world are also the best times. Although the current crypto market is in a downturn, it is certain that dawn will come. While cryptocurrency prices are plummeting, it also means that investors can buy positions at a very low discount and absorb a range of potentially profitable portfolios.

In the face of the current predicament, some investors have begun to give up, invest blindly, and gamble recklessly. Some rational investors began to turn their attention to fixed assets, on the grounds that the ROI from fixed assets is small, only 5%-20%, but the return is very stable. But some of the wiser investors have opted for assets that can achieve high yields while keeping risk low.

Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of Skybridge Capital, which manages $3.5 billion in assets, offered cryptocurrency investors some advice on how to survive the bear market. "We are in the midst of a violent battle," he said, "this is my eighth bear market, and I hope to survive this one as well." In an interview with CNBC, Scaramucci said he advised people to "stay unleveraged, but stick to long-term investment discipline first".

Scaramucci said, "everyone has the idea of long-term holding until they suffer short-term losses. Then they began to panic and run around. I just want to admonish people to buy high-quality products, not be affected by leverage, and maintain strict discipline". He believes that investors should "recognize the existence of a bear market". If you look at the last 120 years, you will find that they probably happen every five years. "If you stay disciplined during these times, you're going to make yourself very rich," he noted.

So what is a high-quality product and how do investors remain highly disciplined? High-quality products should first maintain tenacious vitality, no matter what market environment they face, they can quickly adjust and respond, reduce losses for investors as much as possible, and ensure returns as much as possible. In fact, in the face of a plummeting market, there are very few investors who can maintain a high degree of discipline. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a product that is of good quality and helps you maintain discipline.

Is there such an amazing product in the crypto market full of various products? The answer is yes! That is the Strategy Bot & Copy Trading, the weapons to fight against bears and profit greatly from bulls. Both are trading aids that help investors manage their assets properly.

Allow Strategy Bot & Copy Trading To Help You Manage Assets
Strategy Bot is an automatic trading tool. It monitors market trading conditions in real-time through software programs. Once the market meets the set conditions, the bot will automatically execute some operations, such as buying, selling, etc. Through this tool, users can freely create automatic trading strategies or copy strategies. Therefore, users can be divided into two roles: signalers and copiers. Users who create strategies are called signalers. They can freely set strategy parameters to create strategies, attract users to copy their strategies, and get a small part of the copiers' return as remuneration, that is, strategy dividends. The created strategy will run in the control of the system according to the parameters set by the signaler, without manual operation to keep track of the market, saving time and effort. Strategy bot has strict discipline. It uses computer technology to select a variety of "high probability" events that can bring excess returns from huge historical data to formulate strategies, and it executes orders based on the operating results of the model, rather than on personal emotions. Discipline can not only restrain the weaknesses of greed, fear, and luck in human nature, but can also overcome the cognitive bias caused by insufficient professional knowledge. It can effectively help investors avoid risks and achieve high returns.

Copy Trading is also a trading aid. In strategy bot, the copier copies the signaler's strategy, while in copy trading, the copier copies the trading behavior of a real person. Through copy trading, the copier synchronously copies the contract behavior of the master trader - lead trader, and the lead trader can get a small part of the copier's return as the remuneration of lead trading, that is, profit sharing. In copy trading, the lead trader has a higher degree of operation and freedom, and is more subjective, too, so the risk will be slightly higher than that of strategy bot. Copy trading has designed two copying modes for users. One is the auto-copy mode, if the user chooses this mode, it means that all his parameter settings, such as leverage, copying multiplier, and other indicators are consistent with those of the lead trader. The advantage of this mode is that copiers may gain a ROI quite close to that of the lead trader. The disadvantage is that you have no control over the operation. The other is called customized copy mode. If users choose this mode, they can customize their own copying parameters, and can also take-profit and stop-loss at any time. It is more personalized. But the biggest drawback is that the users' ROI will be very different from that of the lead trader.

The data shows that compared with old investment products such as Crypto Lending and Hodl&Earn, the emerging products - Strategy Bot & Copy Trading catch up from behind, and perform better in both yield and user-friendliness. From the following data, the interest rate of Crypto Lending and Hodl&Earn is relatively low, and it takes time to obtain high returns, or requires users to have a large amount of principal, and there are also high risks. In contrast, Strategy Bot & Copy Trading can control the return and risk in a reasonable range, which cannot make you rich overnight, but can bring you constant trickles of returns. Besides, there is a lower trading threshold for Strategy Bot & Copy Trading. For example, Gate.io Strategy Bot & Copy Trading has no threshold for novices, and is user-friendly. You just need to choose the strategy or lead trader you want to trade with in one click, then you don't need to do anything, just sit back and win effortlessly. Moreover, the market has continued to be sluggish year-round. The data shows that the returns from Lending and Hodl&Earn have not been as good as before, while the Strategy Bot & Copy Trading still achieved high returns, which are far more than that of Lending and Hodl&Earn.

Lending ROI:

Hodl&Earn ROI:

Strategy Bot ROI:

The winter solstice has come, but spring will return

Bitcoin fell as low as $5,800 at its 2020 market low. Now although it has been hit hard, its current price remains at $16,876.65, more than double the 2020 low. It seems the situation doesn't look too bad. In fact, in a crazy bull market, people don't have time to learn how to trade and choose investment strategies, and few people are motivated to learn because money comes so easily. Take advantage of the cold market which is slowing down, so you can calm down yourself and study how to choose a highly-profitable strategy, how to arrange assets reasonably, how to correctly use Strategy Bot & Copy Trading and other trading tools that will help you maximize returns and minimize risks. Only in this way can you better grasp the opportunity when the next bull market comes.
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