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    Gate.io Blog Gate.io WCTC S3 Opens Official Registration, the Number of Participants Tops 5500, and the Expandable Prize Pool Exceeds $90,000

    Gate.io WCTC S3 Opens Official Registration, the Number of Participants Tops 5500, and the Expandable Prize Pool Exceeds $90,000

    21 November 18:17

    Gate.io WCTC S3 World Cup Trading Competition finally opened for official registration from November 18 to December 16. Themed by “Passionate World Cup, Waiting for you to win”, the number of participants exceeded 5,500 on the first day of the official registration thanks to the fever of the Qatar World Cup and the preparation of the reservation stage, and the expandable prize pool was up to $90,000.
    According to the rules of the expandable prize pool, the more users participating in the competition, the higher the total prize pool will be, and the highest prize pool of this competition is up to $5 million.

    Register now and fight for the championship!

    I. What triggers the enthusiasm of users to participate?

    1. High prize pool plus interesting activities.
    A.High prize pool: the initial prize pool is $80,000, the current prize pool has exceeded $90,000, and the highest prize pool is $5 million.b. Team captain award: 20% exclusive to the team captain, up to $150,000.c.
    B.Flexible competition system and fair rules: users are free to choose futures team competition, futures individual and spot individual competition;
    C.users are also ranked according to the profit, profit rate, and trading volume. large and retail traders can enjoy equal access to share the prize pool of the competition.d.
    D.Matching competition activities: 5,000 USDT star captain withdrawable award, MAYC fractional NFTs, lucky draw, 100% Winning, etc., and Prediction of the champion of 2022 Qatar World Cup to share $50,000.e.
    E.Other customized benefits for captains: VIP upgrade qualification, Startup quota, exquisite Gate.io peripheral, high referral award, etc. If you come, we can customize it for you!

    2. As the bear market for equities, futures trading is still the best profit-making strategy
    Since the beginning of 2022, BTC has fallen by 64.59%, and the whole crypto asset market is in a bear market. Although the crypto asset market ushered in a short-lived upturn under the stimulus of ETH to POS conversion, it is still unknown when the crypto market will come out of the bear market predicament with the multiple implications of the Fed’s continuous interest rate hike and tightening policy, the possibility of recession, geopolitical conflicts, and pandemic resurge in the world’s largest market, and the impact of the global top exchange FTX thunderstorm.
    For individual investors in crypto assets, the best investment strategy is still the futures trading that can be operated in both long and short directions in accordance with the market, and can increase leverage to improve capital utilization.

    3. Thanks to the last two competition, WCTC brand effect seems to be emerging and market recognition is increasing.
    The WCTC World Cup Trading Competition, a platform-level competition created by Gate.io Futures, has been held for three years now. From the initial generation of the product, it has been transformed and upgraded regarding its competition rules, prize pools, event page design, and marketing campaigns. With the goal of improving user experience, giving back to users and creating a high-quality brand event, we will continue to improve the product and deepen the operation of the event.
    From the current popularity of the competition, the WCTC brand effect seems to be emerging and market recognition is increasing, continuously triggering the enthusiasm of users to participate.

    II. Why is participating in the competition the best choice for futures traders now?

    For more WCTC competition benefits, please go to the event page!

    Gate.io WCTC S3 is themed “Passionate World Cup, Waiting for you to win”, we hope you can spend your soccer season with passion and achieve good results in the trading competition!

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