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Gate.io Announcement Regarding Slow Deposits and Withdrawals Due to Cloud Service Provider Node Maintenance

2022-12-18 03:26:41 UTC 101905
Due to intermittent connection interruption caused by node maintenance of our cloud service providers,Gate.io could not process users’ deposits and withdrawals timely. Users may experience slow deposits and withdrawals during the process. Trading and other services are not affected. Your assets on Gate.io are safe and you can still trade normally. Gate.io is the first exchange that provides onchain trackable 100% proof of reserve for users. You can always monitor the on-chain assets on Gate.io here https://portfolio.nansen.ai/dashboard/gate.io

At this moment, we are monitoring the network connection status of our cloud service providers and will expedite the deposits and withdrawals as soon as the network connection is restored. If you have pending withdrawals and don’t want to wait, you can cancel them and try later; or you can just wait for a while and your withdrawals will be sent after the network connection is restored. If you are waiting for deposits to be credited, they will display on your Gate.io account as soon as the network connection is restored, too. All of your assets are safe.
Should you have any questions, please contact our customer support.

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Gate.io Team
December 18, 2022

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