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    Gate.io Portfolio Margin Account is Online with Shared Margin Function to Increase the Capital Utilization Rate

    Thời gian tạo:2022-06-23 06:03:42 UTCSố lượt đọc:68999

    To improve trading experience and increase the utilization rate of account funds, Gate.io just launched the Portfolio Margin Account function. Welcome to experience it. Click to find out: https://www.gate.io/futures_trade/USD/BTC_USD

    I. What is a Portfolio Margin Account?
    Portfolio Margin Account is a trading system. The main function is to break the capital isolation between accounts in the Classic Account and realize the multi-currency margin sharing between multi products. Users don't have to transfer funds between different transactions, and the profit and loss of positions between different trading products can be offset with each other. Portfolio Margin Account is effectively improving the user's capital utilization rate.
    Use of Portfolio Margin Account: Investors who have opened cross-margin trading can open the Portfolio Margin Account mode in USD-M Futures, and it supports switching between Classic Account/Portfolio Margin Account after opening.

    II. How to open a Portfolio Margin Account?
    1. Click the "Trade" button on the homepage and select "USD-M Futures";

    2. Click "Classic Account" to switch to "Portfolio Margin Account";

    3. The opening is successful
    After opening Portfolio Margin Account, the cross-margin account will change the relevant calculations of margin and risk, and realize two-way sharing of margin with the Portfolio Margin Account USD-M Futures, and unify risk control.

    III. How to realize margin sharing and improve the user's capital utilization rate?
    In Portfolio Margin Account, the assets of various currencies in the account will be defined with corresponding adjustment coefficients according to their liquidity, and then converted into USD to uniformly calculate the assets and position values of the account. - The system conducts unified risk control through the position value and the corresponding margin rate, so as to realize margin sharing across currencies and multi-trading products, and effectively improve users' capital utilization.
    Note: Gate.io uses the total initial margin rate and total maintenance margin rate to evaluate the risk level of the user's Portfolio Margin Account, and perform specific risk control operations. Click the The Risk Control Mechanism of Portfolio Margin Account to view the details.

    IV. How to seek help in Portfolio Margin Account transaction?
    1. Click "Help Center" to search for "Portfolio Margin Account" to query product documentation

    2. Join us on Telegram to talk about trading together.
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/GateioFutures
    Telegram: https://t.me/gateio_futures

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    Gate.io Team
    Jun 23rd, 2022

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