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    AMA Announcement of Sylo

    2020-10-20 06:50:27 UTCSố lượt đọc:31837
    For our users to become even better accustomed to new projects we have listed or IEOs we have hosted, we are hosting AMAs on a regular basis.

    In a world where crypto banks are going to surpass fiat banks at some moment in time, "Sylo" is an eco made up of digital consumer wallet software, applications, infrastructure & developer tools; with the ultimate goal to usher in a world of Smart Money. "Technology for an advancing world" as they call it. Sylo provides the tools required to build, integrate, and control your Smart Money in the wild. Allowing for Plug and play wallet SDK’s, an opportunity to customize Smart Money user experiences, set redemption with real-world merchants or e-commerce platforms, and much more.

    So with their Smart wallet, network, and token, they aim to offer a solution for governments, businesses, and consumers alike. Tune in to our LIVESTREAM this Thursday (22-10-2020) at 06:00 AM UTC, if you want to know which problem this solves and why the future is exciting with Sylo. Our community manager, Patrick Velleman, will be hosting an inspiring AMA with Dorian Johannink, Cofounder, and Business director of Sylo.

    See you in the Livestream folks!

    22/10/2020, at 06:00 AM UTC


    Introduction to Sylo
    With Sylo you can choose who can spend your Smart Money via ID verification or by setting restriction rules. You can decide how your Smart Money can be used - like if it can be traded, messaged or what it can be spent on—enabling you to send and receive Smart Money as quickly as sending a chat message.

    The Sylo Network is a decentralized communication and storage network with the performance and scalability to support millions of users. Applications use the network for decentralized, private communication, storage, and micro-payments. Instead of centralized cloud server infrastructure, Sylo users create the decentralized Sylo Network together by running Sylo Node software on their own computers. By running a Sylo Node, users earn Sylo Tokens (SYLO) in exchange for their device automatically providing critical services to the network.

    All in all, it seems like there is a new and serious player in town.

    Official website: https://sylo.io/
    Link to Whitepaper: https://sylo.io/network/how/#whitepapers

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    Gate.io Team
    October 20th, 2020

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