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    Монета Ціна 24 год %

    Join Gate.io Community & Give Back Season: Win an iPhone 14 & An NFT Mystery Box

    In the golden autumn of October, we bring good news to you. In order to thank all users for their long-term support of our Gate.io, we launch this special program: community airdrop event. Participate in the event to win bonus rewards, and gifts are waiting for you, hurry up and join! Duration: O...

    Прочитайте: 28319 Створіть час: 166 days 21 hours ago

    YouTuber Referral Benefits: Get up to $100 Rewards

    We appreciate every YouTuber's long-term support for Gate.io. We will continue to expand our Gate influencer team in September. We welcome you to recommend Youtubers you know! As long as the recommendee is accepted, there will be generous rewards waiting for you. Join now! Duration: Sep 29th - Oc...

    Прочитайте: 9178 Створіть час: 178 days 13 hours ago

    Gate Influencers Benefit: Receive up to $10,000 Prize Pool & 70,000 SHIB

    Duration: Sep 27th - Oct 11th, 2022 Please fill out the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2326 Activity 1: Join Gate.io and receive up to $100 in newcomer packages and 70,000 SHIB Complete the following steps to claim up to $100 in newcomer packages, details are as follows: Step1: Sign...

    Прочитайте: 10173 Створіть час: 180 days 11 hours ago

    Gate Influencers Recruitment: Win up to $500 Welcome Bonus

    Duration: Sep 22nd - Oct 6th, 2022 Please fill in the form and our team will contact you: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2305 Who can join our team: - Have a good understanding of cryptocurrency. - Have a desire to have long-term cooperation with Gate Influencers. - Wish to develop Gate.io...

    Прочитайте: 14392 Створіть час: 185 days 18 hours ago

    Rewards to the KOL Community: Receive $10,000 SHIB & Share Up to $2,000 Prize Pool!

    September is harvest season. We have prepared a September new event for users who continue to maintain their enthusiasm for trading. The $70,000 SHIB prize pool is waiting for you to share, hurry up and join! Please fill out the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2287 Activity 1: Refer Gate...

    Прочитайте: 34675 Створіть час: 188 days 18 hours ago

    Show The Lucky Lottery Page, Get up to $3,000 Reward & Google Pixel 6

    I am very happy to announce that We've launched the Lucky Draw in September. As of right now, you have a chance to win event sharing rewards as long as you share this event on social media. Hurry Up Don't Miss This Chance! Duration: Sep 16th - Sep 29th, 2022 How to win the prize: Step 1: Find...

    Прочитайте: 37228 Створіть час: 191 days 20 hours ago

    Gate Influencers Benefits - Invite friends & Win a Tesla & an iPhone 14. Amazing Gifts

    Do you want to be the owner of an iPhone 14 or a Tesla? Event not to be missed organized by Gate Influencers, be the recipient of these valuable rewards! Join now at: https://www.gate.io/activities/lucky-9 1. Duration: Sep 8th - Oct 8th, 2022 2. Event rules: This is a lucky draw for the po...

    Прочитайте: 19415 Створіть час: 199 days 17 hours ago

    Join Gate Influencers: Get a Welcome Bonus up to $500 & a Fixed Monthly Salary

    Please fill in the form and our team will contact you: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2242 Who can join the Gate Influencers team: - Have a good understanding of cryptocurrency. - Have a desire to have long-term cooperation with Gate Influencers. New blogger benefits: The first 10 blogg...

    Прочитайте: 23163 Створіть час: 201 days 16 hours ago

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival: Share $60,000 Rewards & " DOGE Moon Cake"

    Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been based on the reunion of people with the full moon, as a sustenance for missing hometown and family members. We specially launch this event for everyone when the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. As long as you trade during the event, you can divide...

    Прочитайте: 14445 Створіть час: 207 days 18 hours ago

    Training Program: Learn How To Become A Gate Influencer & Earn up to $10,000 Rewards

    The training program is new. If you are a crypto enthusiast who wants a community to grow together, don't hesitate to join the Gate Influencers training course now! Duration: Aug 30th - Sep 30th, 2022 How to participate: - Gate.io will send the first course description to your email on Sep 13...

    Прочитайте: 18883 Створіть час: 208 days 18 hours ago

    Learn How To Promote WCTC S2, Earn Up to $3,000 Reward

    One of the much-anticipated futures tournaments in 2022 officially opened tickets soon. Join us in spreading this competition to your community and earn up to up to a $3,000 in rewards. Duration: Aug 26th - Sep 5th, 2022 How to participate: Step 1: Learn How To Promote WCTC S2 https://www.g...

    Прочитайте: 12913 Створіть час: 212 days 23 hours ago

    Gate.io Fans Welfare Week: Refer Gate.io to Your Fans, Share up to $30,000

    Thanks to all the bloggers who have shown long-term support and helped promote the Gate.io brand. We specially hold this event for you to share airdrop rewards with your community. Join now and get a bigger share from the prize pool! Duration: Aug 23rd - Sep 6th, 2022 Please fill out the followi...

    Прочитайте: 18649 Створіть час: 215 days 13 hours ago

    Collect Puzzle Pieces, Win Up to $50,000 & an iPhone 13 Pro

    An exciting event not to be missed from Gate.io this August. Share this hot event with your friends to receive attractive rewards. Duration: Aug 18th - Sep 1st, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2181 How to collect puzzle pieces and win the prize: There are a to...

    Прочитайте: 20496 Створіть час: 220 days 17 hours ago

    New Users: Win Huawei Mate 40 PRO & Share in the $8,000 Prize Pool!

    We extend a warm welcome to all new members joining the crypto industry. We have a surprise for you in August, join this referring competition now. You can share $8,000 rewards and a Huawei Mate 40 PRO is waiting for you! Duration: Aug 17th - Aug 31st, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://ww...

    Прочитайте: 30142 Створіть час: 221 days 14 hours ago

    VIP Users Trading Competition: Share a $200,000 BTC Prize Pool

    We are looking for a group of people who have their own views on the crypto market, are not influenced by market sentiment, and have their own firm beliefs. Gate.io has specially prepared this award for you in August. The $200,000 BTC prize pool is waiting for you! Duration: Aug 16th - Sep 7th,...

    Прочитайте: 17828 Створіть час: 222 days 10 hours ago

    Gate Influencers - Trade Futures this August and Share in the $40,000 Prize Pool

    Are you a futures trader or interested in trading futures? Gate Influencers is organising an event for all new and existing users, with extremely attractive rewards. Join now! Duration: Aug 15th - Aug 29th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2164 Activity 1: Ref...

    Прочитайте: 29445 Створіть час: 223 days 15 hours ago

    SHIB vs. DOGE Trading Battle | Trade & Win a Share in the $50,000 Prize Pool

    Are meme tokens your thing? Are you a fan of DOGE or SHIB? Gate Influencers will hold a trading contest for meme token fans. Join now to receive rewards for your team! Duration: Aug 11th - Aug 25th, 2022 Please fill in the form and let us know the token you voted for in this contest: https://w...

    Прочитайте: 64351 Створіть час: 227 days 13 hours ago

    Share the WCTC S2 Event with Friends Win up to $5,000 & An Instax Min

    One of the most-anticipated futures tournaments of 2022 has officially opened its tickets.. Welcome to the WCTC S2 event. Share this competition with your community and win a $5,000 prize! Duration:Aug 10th - Aug 20th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2148...

    Прочитайте: 26331 Створіть час: 228 days 13 hours ago

    Join Gate.io this August | $80,000 Welcome Rewards for New Signups

    Welcome to August: We have prepared as mouth watering prize pool for all new users in the month of August. Gate Influencers have prepared ăn $80,000 prize pool for new users and referrals. Participate and be the first to receive from the prize pool! Please fill in the form: https://www.gate...

    Прочитайте: 21521 Створіть час: 228 days 13 hours ago

    Trade LOVELY to Share the $80,000 Prize

    Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2136 Duration: Aug 9th - Aug 19th, 2022 1. Trade LOVELY to share the $30,000 prize Invite your friends to trade at Gate.io through your ref link. Get the link here: https://www.gate.io/en/referral. When your friend completes KYC, ha...

    Прочитайте: 13829 Створіть час: 229 days 21 hours ago
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