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Домашня сторінка Gate.io Contracts Month is Here! This August, Participate in Four Major Contract Events to Share in the $150,000 Prize Pool!

Gate.io Contracts Month is Here! This August, Participate in Four Major Contract Events to Share in the $150,000 Prize Pool!

2022-08-16 16:03:46 UTC 32234 Прочитайте
The Gate.io contract month has begun! We launched this event in August to give both new and existing contract users a wealth of benefits. When new users and spot users complete their first funds transfer and trade with their contract accounts, they will receive a bonus; bonuses will also be granted to existing users who have completed contract trading and invite others to participate in contract trading. Each participant can win a maximum of $3,300 from a prize pool that can reach $150,000!

Duration: August 16, 2022 10:00 to August 30, 2022 10:00 UTC
Fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2167

Event 1: New users will receive $10,000 after completing the first transfer with the contract account.
During the event, newly registered users and spot users will receive the bonus after finishing the transfer with their contract account, with a prize pool of up to $10,000. Only the first 1,000 users who successfully transferred their accounts are qualified to receive the distribution in the order in which they did so!

Event 2: New users can get rewards after they complete contracts trading, with a maximum of $3,300 obtainable by each.
When they execute their first contract trading and the cumulative transaction volume satisfies the conditions, new users and spot users (whose account equity is not less than 10USDT) are eligible to get incentives. The prize pool reaches $60,000, with each participant getting a maximum of $3,300! The prizes will be given out in the order that trade is completed! Trade Now

Event 3: $30,000 prizes will be distributed to existing users who have completed contracts trading.
Existing users that complete the contracts trading and have a cumulative contract trading volume not less than 10,000USDT can receive prizes that reach $30,000 in total ($5,000 contract bonus + $25,000 point). Only the top 500 users in the trading volume will share in the distribution according to the proportion of trading volume. Trade Now

Event 4: Each user may receive a maximum of $400 in prize if he/she invites friends to participate in contract trading
If the user invites friends to register a Gate.io account, and the new user has achieved a cumulative transaction volume of not less than 1,000USDT, both the existing and new user will receive $20 point, and each can get a maximum of $400 in reward! The prize pool that reaches $50,000 will be distributed on the first-come, first-served basis!

1. Users may choose any perpetual contract trading pair to trade;
2. Participants of the event must fill in the form as required, which shall be used as basis for distributing the prize;
3. Prize will be given within 14 working days after the event ends. Check it in "My Finance - Billing Details";
4. A real-name user can only use one account to participate, and sub-accounts can not be used to participate in the event;
5. During the event, the user's cumulative trading volume includes buying volume and selling volume (including unrealized and realized profit and loss);
6. Users will be deprived of qualifications to participate in the event and receive prize if they are found to commit cheating, transaction swiping, knocking or other illegal operation;
7. Contract bonus can be used to pay contract trading margin, offset account losses, pay transaction fees, and capital costs. They must be used up within 30 days, with the unused part automatically recovered by the system upon expiry of the 30 days. The profit obtained by using the bonus can be transferred while the bonus itself cannot be transferred out;
8. Risk warning: virtual currency market fluctuates violently and is highly unpredictable due to the influence of many factors, such as the market conditions and policies. Please be aware of the market risks and trade with caution;
9. Gate.io reserves the right to final interpretation of this event.

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Gate.io Team
Aug 16th, 2022

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