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    HODL & Earn - FAQ
    Güncelleme: 72 days 4 hours ago

    Q1. What is APR?

    APR refers to the rate of return obtained by users when they have invested in the product for one year. It is a theoretical rate of return and can be used as a reference. The APR provided is not necessarily equal to the income that the current product can offer, but it can be used as an investment reference.
    * APR = (investment income/principal)/(investment days/365)×100%.

    Q2. How is the return calculated and distributed?

    For different products, the calculation of return varies. The return will be calculated based on the specified APR, and the distribution time is also different. Users can refer to the FAQ documents of different products under the Help Center - HODL & Earn column. You can also return to the online support for help by clicking the button at the bottom right of the page.

    Q3. What is the difference between flexible and term investments?

    The flexible investment allows you to withdraw at any time as you like. Single Staking and flexible staking are two of our flexible investment products.
    Term investment requires you to lock coins for a certain period of time. Earn Daily and Lock & Earn are two of our term investment products.

    Q4. How to choose a suitable Hodl & Earn product?

    First of all, investors should first know their financial situation, risk appetite, risk tolerance, income situation and liquidity needs before purchasing Hodl & Earn products.
    Secondly, investors need to get to know the characteristics of investment products including risk types, investment periods, APR, minimum purchase amount, and interest distribution rules of different product types. They also need to fully understand the risks of the products and then can make a purchase on demand.
    At present, Gate.io's Hodl & Earn provides users with diversified investment solutions such as flexible and term products, and principal-protected and aggressive products. Users can choose freely from hundreds of crypto financial products.

    *Note: All information provided by Gate.io does not constitute any investment advice. Please fully understand the investment risks before making investment decisions.
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