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    Gate.io Clout.art (SWAY) Trading Competition & $25,000 Unmissable Rewards

    2021-11-04 09:13:00 UTCOkundu:66721
    Gate.io is currently holding a SWAY trading competition. It will start on Nov 5th 09:00 UTC to Nov 12th 09:00 UTC. We have a pool of $25,000 in rewards for users who trade SWAY . New users need to sign up Gate.io to participate.

    Competition Period
    Nov 5th 09:00 AM UTC---Nov 12th 09:00 AM UTC, 2021(7 days in total)

    SWAY/USDT: https://www.gate.io/trade/SWAY_USDT

    Activity 1: Trade SWAY to share $20,000 in rewards
    The top 200 users based on trading volume will share $20,000.
    1st Place: 4,600 SWAY (about $800)
    2nd Place: 3,450 SWAY (about $600)
    3rd Place: 2,300 SWAY (about $400)
    4th - 50th: Share 43,580 SWAY equally (about $7,583)
    51th-100th: Share 34,870 SWAY equally (about $6,067)
    101th - 200th: Share 26,150 SWAY equally (about $4,550)

    During the competition, participants need to purchase and hold at least 4,600 SWAY (about $800).

    Participate now

    Activity 2: First 500 Deposit users to Share $3,000 SWAY Airdrop
    The top 500 deposits will share 17,240 SWAY (about $3,000). On a first come-first served basis!
    *Participants need to deposit at least 2,300 SWAY (about $400).

    Deposit SWAY : https://www.gate.io/myaccount/deposit/SWAY

    Activity 3: New Users Register & Trade, Total of $1,000 Reward to be Shared
    During the activity period, each user who registers and completes any amount of valid trades can receive 50 SWAY (about $10) reward. Prize pool: 5,550 SWAY. First come, first served.

    Activity 4: $500 SWAY for Twitter Giveaway
    From now on, we will start a 7-day 2,850 SWAY ($500) Twitter Giveaway event to complete forwarding and following tasks and get lucky draw opportunities. After the event, we will draw 50 people from them and will give 57 SWAY($10) to each.

    Activity 5: SWAY Telegram AMA, $500 SWAY Giveaway
    We will launch the SWAY Telegram AMA activity in the near future, inviting SWAY project personnel to visit the Gate.io Telegram group. During the Q&A period, 2,850 SWAY ($500) airdrop will be given out. Details of the event will be released on Gate.io Twitter and Telegram announced, so stay tuned!

    Rules of Competition:
    1. The earlier you participate in trading volume the higher the weighting. User trading volume is calculated as (buy volume + sell volume) x (time bonus factor) (not counting same user buying and selling, please do not swipe trading volume). (Time bonus factor) from 1.2 times at the beginning of the campaign to 1.0 times at the end of the campaign, decreasing linearly over time.

    2. Due to varied transaction costs for different VIP levels, in order to keep the competition fair, the transaction volume will be eliminated by multiplying the (actual commission/VIP10 commission) by the difference in user transaction commission.

    3. Due to the difference in transaction cost for referrer rewards, in order to keep the competition fair, the transaction volume will be normalized by whether there is a referrer or not to eliminate the difference in user fee cost.

    1. Rewards will be distributed to the winning user accounts within 7 working days after the end of the campaign, which can be viewed at “My Finance” - “Billings”.
    2. Only One Entry per person will be permitted (KYC must have been completed). The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account when participating in the competition.
    3. In order to safeguard every user’s rights and guarantee fairness, the platform will cancel entries for malicious acts conducted during the period, including malicious transaction manipulations, illegal bulk registration of accounts, self-dealing, etc.

    Risk Warning: Please be sure to note that the virtual currency market is volatile and losses may occur in different situations, so you are strongly recommended to understand all the related information and be vigilant in regards to your investment actions.

    Gate.io reserves the right to cancel or amend any activity or activity rules at our sole discretion.

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    Gate.io Team
    Nov 4th,2021

    Clout.art (SWAY) Trading Competition - $500 Twitter Giveaway

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