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Gate.io NFT Magic Box Exclusive Launch A Free NFT for You

2021-04-30 07:43:52 UTC 9908612
Gate.io NFT Magic Box will soon be Online!

Who says nothing in life is free?
Now everyone can get their very own NFT reward token absolutely FREE!

Gate.io is proud to announce the exclusive launch of the world’s very first NFT trading platform on a centralized exchange!! The NFT Magic Box is a platform where ANYONE can create their own NFT or participate in an NFT auction. Gate.io is offering something completely unique that is unmatched amongst its peers in the cryptocurrency space.

It is a time for celebration folks, so we have decided to reward you with something special.
To celebrate the launch of The NFT Magic Box, we will be offering users the chance to receive their very own NFT reward, for FREE!

Claim your NFT tokens

Time: May 1, 2021 00:00 UTC -- 7 Days After Launch

Rule:During the event, the first 2,000 newly registered users who fill out the form first will receive one NFT token worth 0.4~70 USDT in accordance with their net deposit amount.

After the Gate.io Magic NFT Box is online, users can log in to the platform to activate the account. There is a limited quantity of NFT’s available, they will be given to users on a first come first served basis. Be quick guys ;)

New users can fill out this form to register for their FREE NFT: Participation link

NFT Token Rewards:

Activity Rules:

1. The activity is limited to new users with valid real-name authentication to participate. A real-name user can only use one account to participate. The sub-account cannot be used in activities as an independent account, and the sub-account data is included in the total recharge.

2. New users with the same real-name authentication can only get one token airdrop reward at most, and the net top-up amount ranking data will be based on the back-end data.

3.User's net deposit volume is calculated as (deposit volume-withdrawal volume-sell volume) (excluding intra-site transfer), and the account balance during the activity period must not be less than the net deposit volume.

4. Token rewards will be sent to the winner’s account within 7 working days after the end of the event.

5. In order to protect the interests of all participants and maintain fairness, cheating is strictly prohibited during the event. Once discovered, the qualification will be cancelled immediately.

6. Risk warning: Users must pay attention to the fact that virtual currency trading is affected by many factors such as the market and policies. The market fluctuates greatly and the rise and fall are difficult to predict. Please be aware of market risks and trade with caution.

Gate.io has the final right to interpret this event.

Gate.io is an established exchange that holds integrity, transparency, and fairness to a very high standard. We charge zero listing fees and only choose quality and promising projects. Our exchange consists only of 100% real trading volume. Thanks to everyone who has joined us in our journey. We always intend to improve and innovate to reward our users for their continuous support.

Gate.io Team
April 30, 2021

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